hello, friends. my name is cate & I am the girl behind this blog. I am eighteen years of age, a five foot two pinterest-enthusiast, as well as a frequent gilmore girls watcher. 

i am a lover of authenticity & the little joys. of adventure & art. of relationships & coffee shops. of floral dresses & cats. of plane rides & a new city. of cheesecake & daisies. of lists & goals. of sarcasm & anthropologie (the store). of ampersands & lowercase lettering. and most of all, a lover of Jesus & his endless peace. 

i write for the sake of writing, photograph for the sake of photographing, and style outfits for the sake of styling outfits. it is my goal as a writer to share my inspiration as well as put my incoherent thoughts into mediocre jargon. I hope my posts encourage you, make you smile, and make you think...and sometimes make you laugh. 

wait, I actually want you uncontrollably laughing each and every time you read my words. dance, pony, dance. 

yours truly,


  1. Cate, I was wondering! Could we possibly swap blog buttons?

    1. of course! thank you so much for following me-- i really appreciate it!

  2. awesome! oh girl please your blog is fabulous :') Your button is now casually chillin' on my blog woo!

  3. Cate, I've been loving your blog for a while. Your template is so pretty. Where did you get it from?


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