these pretty, paper-like peonies make me more than happy. seriously though, how can one not be joyful with fresh flowers all the time? i wish i could have pink peonies around me constantly, but sadly, they are only in bloom for just about a month. okay, call me blair waldorf now. (gossip girl fans, where ya at?)
xo. cate


skirt days.

sometimes, you got to get a little bit fancy. a lot of days, i would rather wear a tank and shorts, but ya know, some days are just skirt days. anyone feel me?

xo. cate


mid-year goals?

is there such thing as mid year resolutions?
well, for me there is. and yes, the cat sticker was necessary.
here goes mine...
// do something that inspires me everyday (paint, run, write, etc.)
// do not spend more than 10 minutes deciding what to wear
// keep my room clean daily
// print out iphone photos often
// buy 30 more songs i really love.
i have tried to make my goals more specific than my new years resolutions, but i have (and will)stayed true to most of those goals. ahhhh, i love a goal. they are one of the many things that inspire me and make me want to have a mini dance. (hence, i said many... many things make me dance. many.)
xo. cate


dang ear buds.

i would not call my self a air-head or dumb blond, but man, what i just did, man, i am s-t-u-p-i-d.
(note: i realized you are not a man.) 
well, for about 15 minutes i was trying to play a video on my computer, and for some reason the sound wasn't working.
after about 5 minutes of turning up the volume, even though it was already up to the maximum, i had a mini pull-out-my-hair-frustrated-cate minute.
then, i pulled myself together, and did something else not involving my so called "stupid, deaf computer". sadly, yes, that is what came out of my mouth.
once i went back to my computer to listen to a song (to calm me down), i looked down and realized my computer had my ear buds plugged in, therefore causing no sound to register to my ears.
i had a moment of silence to let my stupidity sink in.
"wow" and "the crap?" were the only words to slip my mouth.
oh, cate, today is just not your day. does anyone else have moments like this? anyone?
xo. cate


diy: secret book

let's learn how to make a diy secret book! this project is the perfect way to store some of your favorite things in a place no one could imagine. now, you know my secret.
materials: book, glue, exacto knife, paper (optional)
start off with a book. i found a old encyclopedia that is about 2 inches thick. i like the look of an older book, but you could also by a new book if you want. (tip: because this project is so time consuming, i would choose a book no thicker than 3 or 4 inches. you will thank me later!) now, take either regular glue or modge podge and glue the pages together. if you put a heavier book over the one for your project, it will help seal the pages together for a clean cut.

with an exacto knife ( i would suggest a new blade, if already used), start by turning to the first or second page of the book and cutting along the outer sides of the pages. i would start a half inch in or so. also, you will only be able to cut 3 to 5 pages at a time, so this part is very time consuming. i made mine over a week, spending just a few minutes every night weaseling down the pages. 

(possible step:  you can either glue the inside pages together for a cleaner look or even add some fun paper to cover up the inside pages. i simply like the look of the exposed pages, but i know many would not.)
now, fill your little secret department up!

 i put my sunnies, some change, and a cute CATS pin in mine!
thanks for reading this post, friends. this may be one of my favorite diy projects so far! see my other ones here  here and here
xo. cate

[OH HEY. like my new blog design? me too. thanks a million, Andria ]


special annoncement! // video

hey guys. so remember when i told you that one of my new years resolutions was about to be complete? well, that goal was a new blog design, and thanks to Andria it is happening. AND, though the video said it would be up july 11, even better it will be up maybe by sunday! so keep your fingers crossed, friends! (:
xo. cate

the color: mint green

the color: mint green
ha, remember this series? because it has been a while since i posted on my the color series, you can refresh yourself here, here, here, and here. anyways, i love the color, mint. it is so pretty and looks great with every skin tone. also, the wonderful thing about mint is that you can literally find it in everything. this color also reminds me of tiffany blue, which is just one of a million reasons to love it even more.
one: swim top// daisies AND mint. this has to be from heaven.
two: earrings// i recently painted over some of my old f21 earrings in my mint nail polish, and love them even more now.
three: nail polish// a must have. you can either go more blue or green, whatever you prefer.
four: maxi skirt//  go big or go home right? well, this skirt if for sure your answer.
five: flats// these will go with everything, and the cutouts add that something special.
six: sweater// cold day in summer? be bright and warm in a mint sweater.
seven: sunnies// these little guys are adorable and such a fun way to stand out!
so, find your something blue, even if it is not for your big day. i know i have.... maybe too many times.
xo. cate



top// handmedown. belt// jcrew. diy levi shorts// savers + me// shoes// loft.

top// loft. belt// jcrew. diy levi shorts// savers + me.
arrow short necklace// etsy festival. gold chain long necklace// from mom.

gold bow earrings// local shop.

locket ring// etsy festival.
lately, i have been keeping my outfits very dainty and simple. with pretty gold jewelry and my new favorite (diy) jean shorts, any outfit is put together for me. also, remember my new years resolution post  back in january? well, one of those goals is about to be complete. and i could not be any more excited. you can start guessing now. (;
xo. cate


hey hey hey (+ some beach photos)

hey hey hey you guys. wow, i guess i am channeling my inner 6th grade self that just got a phone. anyways, i just wanted to check in and catch up.

i returned from the beach about a week ago, so my posts lately i wrote a while ago and scheduled while i was gone. SO, it feels as if i have not blog in forevs. again, i am losing it and using 6th grade lingo. while i try to return to my normal self, enjoy a few beach photos!

let us start off with the cliche beach scenery posts....

the classic beach shot.

from our room.

blue blue blue.

LOVE this one.

probably the most beautiful sunset i have ever seen. photos do not do it justice.


and now on to dinner the first night....


oh, how i adore a sail boat.

can anyone say "selfayyy"???


now let's take a look at some beach action shots...
ya now... just looking off into the distance and what not.

got that sunhat on.

the only bikini shot you will see from me, friends. hence the fact that is it farrrr away. but, gotta love my bro.


and lastly, some parasailing pictures... (it. was. AMAZING.)
the older bro and myself before.

this was such a great shot. but of course, my computer is making it all smushed and such. but that is us uppp in the air! yay!
and coming back down!
 oh, and cannot forget my beach necessities!

my chipped peach beach nails. (did ya see what i did there?!)

3 little buys right before-- all from the one and only, target.

i hope you guys enjoyed taking a little peak into my short beach vacation! i enjoyed every minute of it and wish i was still there.... oh, to dream. only, to dream.

xo. cate




{from a guest post.}

by the title of the post, one would expect me to talk about food. but NO... as much as i love to chat about pie and cake, this post is more than just that. (:

i am hungry for adventure. i am hungry for beautiful surroundings. i am hungry for travel and new people. i am hungry for more than just my small town, and hungry for everything the world offers. i am hungry for people who see me as more than just someone with cute clothes. because, well, i am more. we all are, are we not?

... anddddd i am also hungry for key lime pie.

                            ... in a small loft in new york city with people i love.

                                                              .... in super comfy anthropologie pajamas.

(a girl can dream right?!) 

what are you 'hungry' for? i would love to know, truly. leave a comment below you guys.

xo. cate


guest post on Storyteller of Weston County blog

i am just checking in to tell you guys about my new guest post up on Storyteller of Weston County ! i talk all about inspiration and how to truly be inspired. go check it out now, and mark the 'definatly deserving of chocolate' button at the end of the post. because, uh yeah, i defiantly deserve chocolate. always.

anyways, thanks so much, storyteller, for allowing me to write a guest post for your wonderful & unique blog. such a pleasure.

xo. cate

P.S. YOU GUYS. this is my 100th post. i am so thankful for each and every one of my followers. i love getting up everyday to blog for all of you. so, thank you for reading this blog. it means the world, really. (:


summer tees and such

MY favorite tees

as much as i love a cute blouse, i would opt out for a soft tee any day. whether it is cropped, over sized, or a muscle tank i absolutely love how versatile and comfortable a tee can be. i also love that now it is acceptable to wear your tees with basically anything to dress up or dress down. i would dress the 'I LIKE CATS' tee up with a pair of silk printed shorts, blazer, layered jewelry, and a  minimal heel. but any of these tees (especially the moon muscle tank) would look great tucked into tattered jean shorts and sneakers for a casual ensemble. all this to say, I LOVE TEES. and i love you.
xo. cate
p.s. if anyone is interested in guest posting on my blog, please either contact me via email (catemarg@gmail.com) or leave a comment below requesting to write a post by leaving your email. thanks a bunch. (:


my makeup routine

my makeup routine

though this blog is mainly focused on fashion related things, i thought it would be fun to shake it up a bit and show you guys my basic everyday makeup routine. i like to keep things fresh and simple, so a quick 10 or 15 minute routine is all i can handle.

 1) i start off with a foundation or bb cream. i use bb cream (from clinque) in the summer because it is lighter and has SPF. 2) then i add under eye concealer, blemish concealer (because 'pimple coverup', just doesn't sound as pretty), and prime my eyes! 3) for my eye makeup, i keep it very natural, so by using a few colors of the naked pallet (by urban decay), it provides a clean and pretty eye. 4) i now swipe on a so so so thin line of brown eyeliner. 4b) how i forgot to put mascara on my routine list, i do not know. anyways, as for mascara, i normally add 2 coats of a drugstore black mascara.  5) powder time! this is my number one makeup necessity, so i always have a light dusting of a translucent power on. 6) my blush varies per season, but as of now i am into peachy or coral colors. 7) last by not least, i either dab on a little of clinque's almost lipstick or just some chapstick.

xo. cate


in and out blooms (rose arbor)


once a year, we have some flowers (rose arbor) that bloom in our backyard for just about a week or so, and then they go back into hiding. so of course, being the blogger i am, i had to take photos by them. hopefully you can enjoy them via-Internet, just as much as i do. (:
xo. cate