leather and velvet

leather, velvet and fur

two of my favorite trends that i have been craving to have in my closet this year are leather and velvet. blast from the past, for sure. okay, so let us start with leather: in the outfit i put together above, it shows leather sleeves on this top. while leather is great and adds a lot of edge to any outfit, you really should only wear it in small amounts. for example, try a top with a leather collar or find some leather leggings (on my Christmas wish list this year!) to layer with. i also like how the leather booties tie together nicely with the top. as for velvet, i, of course, want some velvet leggings or pants (shown above) in my wardrobe. i think that velvet is an unexpected yet easy to style texture to wear with an outfit substituting corduroy or any other basic pant fabric. in this outfit, i added a tangerine fur peacoat (i also am loving fur for the winter!!) and emerald statement jewelry. so many trends in one outfit... just cannot keep up! enjoy your after Christmas resting and eating leftovers, friends. (:

xo. cate


holiday dress & shoe guide

holiday dresses

what are you feeling this holiday season? i have chosen 4 versatile dresses (with shoes) to match what you want to express through your clothes this season for every party or event you have to go to!

1. TRENDY- for all of you fashionistias out there, a high low dress in your favorite color and some crazy heels with do the trick.

2. GLAMOROUS- this look is perfect for a new year's eve party-- the more sequins the better!

3. FUNKY- with these awesome booties, you will get all of the attention where ever you go. also, a plum sweater dress is the perfect way to go from day to night.

4. CLASSIC- you can never go wrong with a lovely red dress for a Christmas dinner, and to spice it up wear these adorable bow wedges.

hope this helps! which one would you choose?



black & white

some things are just better in black and white. here are a few sweet sweet moments over the start of my Christmas break. enjoy, friends.


cheesin' hard.

birthday celebrating (not mine).

Christmas partying.

xo. cate


the cate version

exams week for students is a time to be stressed and wear sweats. while the first thing is true of my week, the second is not. i have always had a hard time with sweats, because i hate looking like i just woke up and do not care. also, when i feel put together, i always feel more confident which results in better test grades. anyways, here is how i style my lazy day outfit version of sweats.

i am wearing a men's white v-neck tee and a boyfriend style black cardigan on top. as for bottoms, i am wearing navy cord shorts and my new best friend, leggings. it is an obsession, you guys, i just cannot stop wearing them. of course for shoes, i cannot go wrong with my tan lace ups.

this outfit is so comfortable yet still looks somewhat stylish. you can dress this combination up with tights and sheer top or dress it down by wearing just leggings and a big band tee. i like to wear neutrals when i am tired and short on time, because as i justified this outfit, i think that all neutrals go together. however, wear whatever you desire, darling.
xo. cate


'tis the season

it really is beginning to look at lot like Christmas around here, and i LOVE it. sometimes you need to really slow down and enjoy it while it lasts.  
i was having one of those "i don't know what to wear" days, so this is what i came up with: a sweater and scarf. what's new?

 the lovely, parker sporting her gray forever 21 sweater and pink statement necklace.
brick walls are my favorite.

sophie sitting in the cutest red chairs i have ever seen.

what's a outing with friends without a shoe pic? i truly do not know.

silliness at it's best.

lights, light, and more lights!
hope you are enjoy this Christmas season as much as i am!
xo. cate


sweaters for every style

SWEATERS for every style

i will say this again and again but... i LOVE sweaters. if you do not share the same love i do, i will eventually conform you... maybe even today. i know that the sweaters i buy and wear are not every girls' style, so i have created a guide on Polyvore for you as to what sweater you would like/wear!

1. for the edgy rocker: studs are key
2. for the quirky nerd: anything with a fun print ( i LOVE owls)
3. for the Christmas-loving girl: reindeer anyone?
4. for the vintage babe: floral is a must
5. for the preppy queen: the jcrew polka dot is preppy city
6. for the wild child: leopard, zebra, snake skin... anything will do
7. for the laid back lounger: an over sized knit and stripes are oh so comfy
8. for the fancy friend: think you can't wear a sweater, think again! sequins are perfection.

hope this helps, and please leave a comment as to what sweater or style you would wear!

xo. cate