november wishlist

november wishlist

you guys... it is November. this is so cliche but i feel as if i was just putting away the Christmas decor from last year or just in new york (in July). anyways, it's November, it's cold, it's fall, it's thanksgiving, it's color, it's beauty, it's time for new and exciting adventures. speaking of one of my favorite adventures... clothes. a new season is a great time to take risks or switch up your wardrobe a little. above are 10 items that are dying to come home with me this November.

and yes, you do see leathers pants. (;

xo. cate


fall warmth

it is finally getting cold! which means... jeans, boots, turtlenecks, flannels and more! here are some quick snaps from my phone this week of a couple of my outfits.
top- borrowed (but from f21)/ jeans- ae/ boots- urbanog.com/ necklace- f21/belt- target
top- loft/ pants- old navy/ boots- urbanog.com
i love being comfy and cute(and warm!) at the same time. i love fall.
xo. cate 


sweater weather

fall time is sweater time. recently with some extra birthday cash, i purchased a few things from forever21.com. i have really been into wearing over sized sweaters with jeans/tights/leggings and boots for this season since this combo is both cute and comfy. here are two sweaters that i bought and will be styling soon...
the first one is so  autumn-y to me. with the open knit material, dark red color, and largeness feel of it makes any outfit perfect.
no, you are not in a dream. this is a cat sweater, ahem, my cat sweater. i do not care what anyone says, i adore it. i will probably pair it will colored jeans and flats or loafers. quirky and cute... what could be better?
xo. cate


and that is okay

Thought i would share a bit of advise today:

You're going to fail. A lot.

And that's okay.

However, you're going to succeed too. A lot.

Step outside the box, be creative, try something new, and be fearless. Learn from your mistakes and experiences.

Xo. Cate


the weekend life

this weekend has been extremely delightful. i had a extra 2 days off from school, so i have had the chance the relax... a bunch! it has been a time for birthday celebrations (mine!), time with friends, and a time to get a lot accomplished.  life is so sweet.

xo. cate


Guest Post: Anya Sarre

Today, I am so excited to have the lovely, Anya Sarre, sharing some of her favorite fall trends for this year! Anya, who requested to guest post on my blog, is a stylist for ShoeDazzle.com, named "Best Television Fashion Stylist", the perfect go-to fashion expert for Hollywood's biggest celebrities (like Kim Kardashian), and a new mommy. Hope you take some of her tips and ideas to your wardrobe as I sure will!

Incorporating the Latest Fall Trends into Your Existing Wardrobe

"When you look good on the outside, you feel like a million bucks on the inside. You do not have to be a trend-setting, fashion diva to look great and feel good in the latest fall fashions!

We love our shoes! You can make a huge style statement this fall by adding a pair or two of metallic-capped-toe shoes to your shoe wardrobe. This bold trend combines the beauty of flashy gold and silver with other neutral and vibrant shades of color. A sky-high pair of metallic-capped stilettos will steal the spotlight and power at your next big board meeting. Capped shoes can also take you from a day at the office to a night out with friends with ease. Pair them with a brocade-patterned pencil skirt, a fitted cowl-neck top and a cropped cardigan to the office. Lose the cardigan and slip into a leather blazer or jacket for dinner and dancing with a few of your best girlfriends. All eyes will be on you in your flashy pumps when you hit the dance floor. 

The peplum dress trend is still a huge player for fall and winter! This season's peplum dresses are being done in fall-friendly patterns and warm fall colors. The runways are showing peplum dresses that feature blends of wool, lace and cashmere for added warmth and coziness. The peplum dress is a vintage-glam look that any woman can wear with confidence. Pair a bold-colored peplum dress with opaque tights and a pair of heels in a contrasting color for a glamorous look. You can also wear this style of dress to the office with tonal pumps, a long chain necklace and a pair of pearl earrings.

Statement earrings are another huge trend this fall and winter season. As a nod to the continued "Old Hollywood Glamour" trend, statement earrings are being worn in supremely feminine ways. A bold pair of jade or turquoise drop earrings steals the spotlight when worn with a basic black pair of skinny jeans and a white tank top. Finish off the look with slouchy ankle boots and a thin chain belt, and you will look and feel like a superstar.

Incorporating one to two new trends into your existing wardrobe will freshen up your closet and add some pizazz to your overall look and sense of style. Embrace one or more of fall's newest trends. You will turn heads."

I loved what Anya had to say to about new fall fashions, so i wanted to try out some of them for myself.

I recently found the cutest peplum top from Dillards and have been wearing it constantly! I have been pairing it with a navy scarf, skinnies, and some combat boots to toughen up the look. In the future, i want to pair it with a black pencil skirt, bright tights, and some booties, for a more sophisticated look. 

I love what Anya said about statement earrings, and grabbed these a few weeks ago for a event. They are from Francessca's Collections. These beauties are the perfect amount of wow factor you need in an outfit! 

I truly hope you try out one or more of these trends, and also check out Shoe Dazzle. Anya also has a blog that is super great as well. You will not regret it! Again, thanks so much to Anya Sarre for sharing with us some fashion wisdom! 

xo. Cate



some people get mad at life. some people decide to accept it. i am choosing it embrace it.

3 things to embrace:

1. messy hair: because sometimes, you wake up late, your straightener is not working, and you need a poptart. food>hair

you can...

            get mad at it: start putting all sorts of products in you hair, and end up looking like a lion.
            accept it: go out the door looking like you have never heard of a hair brush before.
            embrace it: try a top knot : looks like you tried, but not too much, yet very polished     
                              and pretty.

2. awkward moments: okay, let us rephrase that- my life. this is a lesson i have had to learn...and practice a lot lately.

you can...

          get mad at it : sit there, letting all the awkwardness overcome you. not fun, my friends.
          accept it: let the silence continue, because can it really get any worse?
          embrace it: laugh at yourself, and keep your head high, and carry yourself with confidence!

3. chaos and cakeless:  imagine this- there is no time in your day to relax AND there is not a crumb of sweetness to be found.

you can...

          get mad at: start blaming your problems and cake cravings on everyone else. this leads
                            to tension and still no cake. 
          accept it: continue life the way it is, and decide not to make a real change.
          embrace it: take your mind off the craziness of your life, and focus on  
                            something else. whether that is art, helping someone else out, or simply heading
                             to the grocery store to buy a cookie or 5.

hope this encourages you to embrace life, as i am trying to do too.

xo. cate