Colorful Colorado (A Photo Diary).

If you know me, you know I love all things white & minimal & clean. Think your grandmother's restroom, but way more chic. Being in Colorado a few weeks back only inspired me more & more with its concise color scheme and bright whites. There is just something about travel and simply peering out your window that trumps Pinterest inspo any day. And let's talk about those mountains! Gah, steals my heart every time.

Colorful Colorado, you wear neutrals so well.

Yours truly,


Thankful For The Blooms.

There truly is something about spring and all its liveliness that brings my spirit alive, too. Maybe it is the white blossoms lining neighboring homes as I drive to my house, or the sweet seventy-five degree weather. Maybe it is the fact that light still shines through my window at 6:30 p.m. and patio seating at my favorite pizza place is bearable. Maybe it is just the pure changing of seasons and a turn of pace that brings a new energy to core of my being.

Either way, I'm pleased. Spring in all its beautiful glory prompts a smile on my face and cheer in my heart. It really is the small things that produce life & joy & hope.

All this, of sorts, is really just a whole lotta thankful

And boy, am I thankful.


Hope this spring fills you with a sense of hope & renewal. Yet, let's use this hope to drive bold conversations (hence Longfellow quote in photo), purposeful relationships, & the little pep in our step as we walk out our door and into the vast, blooming world.

As they say-- "The world is your oyster". And as I say-- darn right, it is.

Yours truly,