today is for crafts.

crafts are a weird concept if you think about. in today's world, the first thought that pops into one's mind on the subject of crafts, is kids, holidays, or forced activities. however, crafts, a century ago, were a hobby for all, a way of making money, and an everyday event for everyday needs. from little girls making dolls (to sell for a nickel), to sewing a scarf to keep warm (and making every other piece of clothing worn), to even decorating masks for a play (to portray the gender of the character)-- let's just say that the idea of "diy" is not just a concept made up by the makers of Pinterest a few years back. though, let's face it, America would love to say they created something as great as crafts.
anyhow, crafts are fun. and today was for crafts.


I made a collage wall of my recent favorite black and white photographs & a strand of tissue paper garland in gold, plum, and raspberry for above one of my windows. wow, how refined were those colors? if that doesn't say proper and "pinkys up" to you, I do not know what does.
hoorah for crafts and breaks from the ordinary.
xo. cate

(p.s. notice my dead cactus in photo 2? I do not know how it is possible to kill a cactus, but I did it, friends! pure talent right there. )


a cliche post.

my least favorite thing is when people all of a sudden decide to be thankful just in the month of November, or let alone on the day of thanksgiving. however, I am grateful that we are reminded of it during this season-- though, for most people, the idea of being thankful is only a trend.
though, in all of my efforts, I am, in fact, that girl who is writing a post on thankfulness... 2 days before thanksgiving. but hey, no need to complain about having moments and people to be grateful for in my life.

I am grateful for this little girl (and her brother who is not pictured) whom I babysit, for they teach me how to let loose and be a kid again. 

I am grateful for my cozy room where I can relax and enjoy being alone.

I am grateful for mornings by myself that are filled with 2 too many bowls of cereal and learning about how to be a woman of Christ.

I am grateful for a kind little brother who lets me take cool shots of him like this. he is the best.
I am grateful for the realization in my heart that I do not need to be normal and follow the crowd, and the boldness to stand up for what I believe.

I am grateful for late night IHOP with sweet friends who make me laugh and who enjoy the smiley face pancakes on the kid's menu as much as I do.
I am grateful for (live)  music with (the coolest) people, for it makes me appreciate moments, not things.
I am grateful for a best friend who understands me in almost everyway and is always up to go to target with me.
I am grateful for new friends like this one, for it teaches me to open up to new people and let them enhance my life.

I am grateful for my art class where I can enter into another world full of paint and creativity without limits. (and for people who compliment my projects... I was told that this book I am working on is "badass". hey, i'll take it.)

and I am grateful for days I do not have to wear a uniform, and can express myself a small bit through my clothing.


I am grateful for life. and for cliché posts like this, that remind me what a life I have. happy thanksgiving, friends!

xo. cate


pretending to be productive.

these photos were taken from last sunday, yet I am posting them sunday. so today, I can pretend that I was productive and got up and got dressed, without actually doing so. wow, I love life.
also, this week has been pretty great. many delightful things have been happening to my family and myself, so I have been in a fab mood. yet, i have been trying to continue that mood to even the hardest, most stressful or boring weeks as well. staying joyful despite circumstances, is the plan, you guys. difficult, but worth it.

top-ae/ skirt-loft/tights-target/shoes-thrifted

oh, and shout out to fall. you're my favorite.

xo. cate


notice something?

if you notice anything different around here, it may or may not be a new blog design. (it is). so now, you can.... 1) admire how adorable my blog is 2) pin my photos all the time on Pinterest and 3) PIN MY PHOTOS ALL THE TIME ON PINTEREST
okay, I may be a little too excited about this ability. and that I hit 1k followers on Pinterest, but it is the peak of my life, ladies and gents, PEAK of my life.
anyways, a big, big thank you to Rose and her amazing skills at designing. everyone should check her out, and give her blog a follow!
so, you guys like? I definitely do. (:
xo. cate