bucket list addition

latest bucket list addition... go to a flower mart. there is just something about flowers that makes my face light up. therefore, i will be that girl who buys herself flowers.

xo. cate


the weekly snap

i added a new gadget on this blog recently called... the weekly snap! basically, each week there will be a new photo (not from pinterest... psh) that i find quite lovely that i want to share with you.

some weeks, i might do a post on the picture, and some weeks i will not. it all depends on if i am feeling it. if i am wearing coral pants, then yes, you will get a post.

as for this week, it is just a snap of some pretty, retro dresses. enjoy, friends.

xo. cate

coffee in the chaos of life

when life gets crazy, sometimes... most times, coffee and friends are the perfect cure.
sophie and i
parker and i

a few nights a ago, sophie (from Skye High Life ), parker, and i had some much needed friend time at a local coffee shop. i believe there are a lot of moments in life to go non-stop and be super busy, but there are also times to slow down, turn off your phone, talk and enjoy a cupcake.
there is a certain happiness in being silly and ridiculous.
xo. cate 


flats and a scarf: parker

top- forever 21/ scarf- h&m/ pants- loft/ bag- vintage

her flats- target/ my flats- old navy

if you are ever wondering what to wear for a sunday, flats and a scarf is the answer. well, maybe pants and top too. my friend, parker (mentioned here), wore this little outfit last sunday for church. we practically had the same thing on... flats, skinnies, knit tee, and a scarf. great minds think alike. plus, how awesome are these neon yellow pants? pretty awesome, might i say so myself.
what is your sunday style? 
xo. cate


saturday stripes

top- target/ belt- target/ jeans- ae/ shoes- by Franco Sarto/ bag- urban outfitters
i recently found a new picture editing app for my iphone called Aviary. everyone of you should look it up and get it (it's free!), because it is great! a lot of times i do not have my camera or laptop with me to take picture and edit them, so my phone is always a quick go to option for weekend pictures.
anyways, now on to my outfit. i feel like a wear stripes almost everyday, and now i am starting to wear leopard more often. soooo... i had the brilliant idea of putting them together, and BAM. too much awesomeness for one Saturday. still trying to contain myself.
xo. cate


fall fashion inspiration

my fall trends

yet another post on fall... yay! these pieces above are some trends that i am loving for my fall fashion inspiration. from leopard to fringe to ombre. everything wonderful happens in autumn, it really does.

xo. cate