a story about a really good deal.

[ sweater: loft // skirt/dress: forever 21 // socks: target // shoes: dolce vita // necklace: local shop // sunglasses: target // bag: j.jill ]

let me tell you a story. cate's mom gives cate a coupon for $20 to Ann Taylor Loft. cate goes to Loft and pops around. cate finds perfect sweater with daisies. cate also finds perfect cardigan (though not photographed today). sweater was orginally 60 dollars. cardigan was orginally 98 dollars. both were half of half of half off. cate gets 160 dollars worth of clothing for a grand total of $0.00. what the deal, you guys, WHAT THE DEAL. cate is happy. 

also, bare legs in february? who would have thought. thanks, mother nature for letting the world see my white as snow la jambes. (french for legs, you senseless people.) 


a saturday adventure.

saturday, i got to play camera lady for a bit and spend the day with my favorite group of people. with a full tank of gas, full stomachs, and 20 minutes of trying to figure out how to pay for parking, my friends and i had a day downtown adventuring. 

[ these three. ] 

[ alyse & i ] 
[ what a cutie. ]
[ alyse. i just have really pretty friends. ]
[ walking ]
[ my favorite bridge. ]
[ claire & i. real laughing or just posed? the world may never know. ]
[ our cities' stellar river market. ]
[ under a somewhat sketchy bridge, are these beautiful hand painted tiles by local schools. beauty despite flaws. ]

[ claire makes wind look good. ]
[ there is just something about concrete, names, and converse. ]
[ " hey, look over there." ]

[ "over where?" ]
[ doing life with people who do it right. thankful for these 3. and thankful for self timers. ]

  [ claire. ]
[ overlooking the heart of the city. ]
[ who says, who says you're not perfect. was the terrible selena gomez song needed? yes, yes it was. ]
[ more walking. did i mention we walked a lot? i get winded just writing about it. ]
[ parker. if you're a bird, i'm a bird? ]

days downtown with people who love life are the best. not to get to sappy on you, but one thing i have learned this past year is that you make time for those you care about. between the four of us, we go to two different schools, three different churches, live in three different neighborhoods, have four completely different circumstances and personalities, yet still we have managed to be friends. what friends i have. *smile* *tear* *smile*


milkshakes and hugs.

thought i would wish all of my lovely friends a wonderful valentines day, today! I had my wisdom teeth surgery yesterday, so I have been out of it these past few days. let me tell ya, out. of. it. this afternoon two of my dear friends (parks and ab) brought me a milkshake and some hugs-- much needed. thankfully, having my wisdom teeth out makes napping and eating ice cream all day make me look less sad and lonely on this holiday, right? right?
all joking aside, let us remember that today is not just for celebrating relationships-- yet love in general. the love of the Lord, the love of family, the love of friends, and so on-- this love is sometimes the best. oh, the things i have to be joyful about today and everyday!



[top: local shop// jacket: ae// jeans: ae// shoes: steve madden]

[watch: timex (borrowed from a friend-- sorry parks.)]
[necklaces- cat: gift // drop: local shop// arrow: etsy festival]

two things that i rarely ever wear: flats and an excessive amount of jewelry. therefore today i am a uncommon sighting. i am a weirdo about people being able to see my feet, so flats are always my last choice of shoe. though, i feel so delicate and whimsical prancing around in these. it reminds me of my 8 years of ballet and the pain that comes with your toes being squeezed in tiny shoes. and the reasoning behind me never wearing jewelry is quite simple: i am too lazy. however, today, i was able to sleep past 7 for the first time in a while. i feel refreshed and like i could conquer the world. hints the word like in the last sentence... if i really wanted to conquer the world i would have to take off all of these dainty trinkets. nobody has time for that. 


the snow situation. (video included)

hey-o friends. over the past few days where i live, we have received a heap of snow. a HEAP. last night i went to dinner with my dear friend, claire (who is pictured), which was far from a good decision. as we were both trying to drive home, our cars wouldn't even make it out of the parking lot. with help from the 'rents we were able to make it to her house for the night. enjoy some of our snow day photos and a video that we made at 2 am. caution: there may be lots of giggles and maybe some singing by yours truly. 

minutes before we figured out that we were going to be stranded. innocence is bliss?
a little mirror shot of my layered up look. complete with a beanie to hide my chaotic hairs. 
a little feet photo featuring our cozy outfits. 
pizza pixxx. 
i pepperonly have eyes for you. (get it?!)

our little video-- you won't regret watching. 

to see more of my friend subscribe to her youtube channel. she is extremely talented and also hilarious. but not as hilarious as me, so don't get too excited. (;


new perspectives.

today i watched the documentary, craigslist joe. before a few hours ago, i got this film confused the movie, craigslist killers, which is why it has taken me so long to watch this. small (important) details, friends. 

anywho, this film is about a man (joe) who lives off the people and ads of craigslist for a month. it is insane to see the generosity in people and how someone can be so brave to take chances. this guy meets the craziest of people through free rides, places to crash, dance classes, haircuts, jam sessions, and the list goes on. to sum up his month he uses the words, "it was the most inspiring experiences of my life". i think he was right about that (but i mean, come on, man. think of a less cliche answer than that.). he was just "some guy" from LA looking to do something outside his comfort zone. a lot of times when i think of adventure, i picture those amazing photos from blogs, pinterest, tumblr of a guy next to a landmark in another country. don't get me wrong, that is just as much of an adventure, however this movie taught me that adventure is not always pretty. it is spontaneous, daring, and not always guaranteed. what makes an adventure beautiful is the people who choose to look at life that way. to want to get to know people and their stories, learn a new talent, and push yourself into the world with just the clothes on your back-- that is a beautiful adventure

if you were to ask me to take this leap into the world, i would be hesitant. to not know what will happen in the next week, day or even hour seems insane to me. exciting, yes, but also quite scary. lately i have been taught in so many ways to live in the present. i am challenging myself to stop worrying about the future and be present in each moment. so, no, i do not know where i am going (hints the expression on my face in the photo), because life is an adventure and i am choosing to participate.