in my room: bed

remember when i said i was going to do a series of posts of my bedroom (see first one here )? well, three and a half months later, i have a second post! hooray! why i have not showed you all more of my room is because, a) it has not been clean since 3 months ago, b) i have not yet finished decorating my space to my desire and c) i... kinda... sorta forgot about this series. okay, call me a bad blogger now. i guess i will stop making excuses, and get into the second part of my room, which is my bed!

{full view}
{ frontal view}

{pillows from the top}

{mix and matched pillows}

{bed texture}
{sunburst of a mirror}

{heyyyy girllll heyyyy}
my bed is one of my favorite aspects about my room, because of the fact that it is associated with sleep, my second love in life. for my bed, i wanted to keep it clean, fun, and cozy. clean, by having a very neutral basis- gray and white, fun, by adding a few colorful pillows (hopefully will be adding a few more in the near future!), and cozy, by basically making sure everything is soft and sleep worthy. i have been purchasing a couple of decor items sporadically since i have moved. for instance, my mirror (i watched the price on this thing for months!) and a small pillow (not pictured). creating your bed is so much fun, and it is a practical space that you will use!
with a few clean ups here and there and more home decor, i will hopefully have 3 or 4 spots in my room to show you. as for now, i will crawl in my bed and watch gossip girl for endless hours. yes, i have i life.
xo. cate
gray quilt & shams: garnet hill
white duvet & shams: pottery barn teen
blue round pillow: francesscas
mirror: hobby lobby


hair envy

i know, i know, envying is bad. but man, when you see hair like these gals, one can not help to be jealous. here are my top 5 heads of hair that i secretly want. well, not so secret now i guess.


1. dark, short, messy hair. this is so beautiful to me. i wish that if i were to cut my hair this short, it would look like this but in reality it would look like a stole a lion's mane.

2. long, curly, blond hair. first off, let's talk about amanda seyfried. she is the epitome of perfection in my book. and she has great hair too, so of course that is always a plus. also, if i were to have someone play me in a movie, i would choose her. so if you are reading this, amanda (you aren't), then i just want to let you know that you are perfect. anddd play me in a movie. (:

3. long, strawberry-blonde, ombre hair. no one else does justice to the ombre hair, like lauren conrad. last summer i sorta-kinda had ombre hair, but it did not turn out too well. i guess that's what i get when you diy. also, her hair is the closest i would come to being a ginger. red-hair is just not me for me.

4. clean, classic hair. of course Kate had to be on my hair envy list. actually her hair is probably most like mine currently. even though she has very simple hair (nothing crazy for a duchess!), she wears it in such a way that is timeless.

5. long, colored hair. okay so a) in my dreams, i want my hair to be this long so i can braid it, and b) i wish i had the guts to put blue streaks in it. the end.
although we all have our "hair envy" lists (even if you do not post them on the Internet, like me, i know you have them. i just know), we should be not let our jealously make us feel like we are ugly or not beautiful enough. you are beautiful just the way you are (sorry for going all Bruno Mars on you, but it is true). plus, the great thing about hair, is that is grows! thank God for that. so try something new, dye your hair, cut your hair, because its just hair!! really though, have fun with your hair... but not too much fun. do not go lady gaga on me. please, spare us all.
xo. cate


hop on over to see my guest post!

wow. it took a lot longer than expected to find a title for this post. "click? scamper? swing? on over to to my guest post". i decided on 'hop' as you can tell. hard life decision, but i say it is a successful one at that.

anyways! the real reason of this post is to announce that i have guest post up on Little Words and Lessons Learned blog. This gal has an awesome blog, so you guys should go over to check her out. in the meantime you can read my post... you know... if you want to (wink wink). Victoria is full of wisdom on an almost daily basis on her blog and shares my obsession with tea and books.
so, yeah, of course she is awesome.

thanks so much, Victoria, for letting me share on your blog!

xo. cate


be: in love with wonder lust

i am beginning a new series called be which will put a spotlight on things in life that i strive to be. whether is that is a personality trait i wish to obtain or a person i wish to mimic in my life, this series of posts will hopefully inspire you to be the person you were made to be. also, it will be fun to see how many times i can use the word be in one post. count so far: 5
for me this statements is truer than true in my life. i do not have the opportunity to travel that often (i probably travel somewhere 'big' once a year, or every few years if your idea of a 'big' trip involves a plane ride), so for 358/365 days of the year i am wonder lusting. if you do not know what this term means, dictionary.com defines it as a strong, innate desire to rove or travel about. i am a strong believer in bucket lists (see mine here and here), and being in love with places, people, and other things that you are currently unfamiliar with. because, someday if you are really passionate about those goals, you will reach them and see your love met. for example, i am in love with Europe, though i have never been. i adore the beautiful french language, the fashion, the architecture, the food and pastries, and the idea of sipping a cup of tea with a friend in a local coffee shop. pure bliss, in my opinion. i cannot wait for the day when i can experience these dreams first hand, rather than through pictures on pinterest. i hope that day comes soon.
so, friends, be in love with travel. be in love with unfamilar things. be in love with wonder lust.
xo. cate 


the impulsive shirt

some days are just a big hair (bun, my hair of choice for most days) and a vest day. i slightly feel like Ellen DeGeneres by wearing a vest and jeans, and i am completely okay with that (because we are actually besties in real life, no joke). also, i have been obsessed with this tee from target lately. i first saw it worn on kendi on her blog, kendi everyday, and had to go get it. truly, i am not normally one to impulsively purchase clothes, but this shirt was different. and i think that if a shirt can do that to someone, then it is worth it. or you have a serious problem, but let's go with the one that is more socially acceptable, for my sake.
xo. cate
outfit details:
top- target
necklace- francesscas
vest- jjill
jeans- american eagle
shoes- dsw


anthropologie spring favorites

anthropolgie is one of my favorite stores, if not my favorite. i adore their out of the box creations, pretty accessories, and lovely home decor. just being in the store makes me happy (i get that same feeling about cake too, but that is a different story). the necklaces (pictured) are both perfect for my spring/summer wardrobe. a funky statement piece for a wedding and a simple gold necklace for everyday wear. anthros dresses are so so so pretty. too many nice words to describe just a few yards of fabric. the top and skirt duo is pretty fab too. oh the books! i know they say to not judge a book by it's cover, but i still do. i admire the cute little children's books and want every single cook book i see. the entire time i have been writing this post, i have been smiling. i really hope that i am not the only one who feels this way about pretty things. (:

xo. cate


festival style

festival style

i like to call this look "festival style". with super easy laid-back features, this look has a fun and unique vibe. i would wear this outfit to a outdoor concert, festival or event downtown or even just to lunch with the gals. i like to keep the top simple and breezy, but have a bold bottom (shorts, that is) to make it fresh and unexpected. with comfortable accessories and a messy braid, you can complete the look. this combo is very easy to customize into your wardrobe and will give off that "i look like i spent forever on this outfit, but it only took 5 minutes" look. because, hey, isn't that what we are always going for?! quite frankly, it is the other way around for me most days.

xo. cate