life lately: march-ish

good old sonic ice cream

my dog for a few days, charlie

more ice cream

 mini macaroon
my city's annual marathon
sweet kitty, zo(o)ey
i like adding the extra 'o' because that is how zooey deschanel spells her name.
perks of being a wallflower is probably the best read i have read in a long time
this is what has been going on in my life these past few weeks. and the sad thing is, is that half of these photos are food. and the even sadder (yes, that is grammatically correct, i looked it up) thing is, is that i could care less if you care... because i care. did you catch all of that? no, didn't think so.
xo. cate


the color: raspberry

the color: raspberry

today we are exploring another addition to the color series featuring raspberry. to be honest, i am not much of a pink kind of girl, i like sticking with my neutrals and having a pop of blue here and there, so pink is just not my forte. however, raspberry is in fact a color that i am wanting to try. i love jewel tones, so this pretty pink will hopefully be making its way into my wardrobe soon. 

one/ bag or backpack: perfect statement piece to a blah outfit.
two/ scarf. next time you buy a scarf make sure it has hints of raspberry in it.
three/ phone case. i am loving this one from target. it almost is ombre... even more to love.
four/ sleeveless shear top. don't stick with a basic white top this spring, try it in this color!
five/ nail polish. duh i have to put a nail polish in to every one of these posts, and it's pretty too.
six/ fringe necklace. add this piece to your basic white tank and you are automatically in trend!

xo. cate


thrift find thoughts

normally when i go into a thrift shop (to pop some tags), i go in with an intention to get a certain thing, whether that is something lace or a band tee, i always have a goal in mind to buy something. today, however, was different. i went into Savers just to look, and i came across a awesome button up. before you judge the somewhat hideous and somewhat uniquely cute top i bought, i will tell you my thought process as it made it's way into an outfit!

thought one: it is floral and denim... two of my favorite things all wrapped up in a button up!
thought two: it is HUGE.
thought three: i look like an 93 year old gardener (but a cute one right? no? okay.)

thought four: i'll cut off the sleeves and take the shoulder pads off
thought five: i totes messed up. should i have kept the sleeves? *mini panic attack*

thought seven: belt it and add accessories!
thought eight: ahhhh... perfect. will look even cuter with my green pants mentioned here.

thought nine: for school i will had a cardigan (apparently shoulders are of the devil...)
thought ten: ugh, my mirror is dirty, i need to go clean it.
thought eleven: okay, ADD, lets get back to fixing this granny top.
thought twelve: no need to brag, but i am pretty awesome. i mean, from that to THIS. (;

after all of my thoughts, i finally came to the conclusion that i like how it turned out! i still may do a few things to it here and there to make it cuter by itself (dip dye? crop it? fringe it?), but other than that i feel very accomplished! what would you do to this top? i may even use your suggestion, you never know.

xo. cate


spring break essentials

spring break essentials

though i am not at the beach for this spring break, i am pretending i am. i have been wearing full blown spring/summer clothing, and sipping on lemonade looking out my window to the beautiful view of the ocea-- i mean my neighbors house. BUT if i was at the beach, or somewhere with sunny skies, this is what i would pack.
1/ bathing suit. i got a top from aerie the same style as this one but in polka dots the other day and love it. bringing retro swim wear back but with a modern twist!
2/ wedges and sandals. neon wedges for the night and vintage sandals for playing in the sand!
3/ jean or chambray button up. wear this for dinner with a skirt, during the day with cutoffs, or unbuttoned over your swim suit. perfect and versatile.
4/ skater skirt. comfy, bright, and flirty for any occasion.
5/ statement necklace. to add that wow factor for first impressions.
6/ clutch. small enough to fit in your beach bag, and large enough to fit all of your friends sunnies in.
7/ sun hat. a "don't look at me, i'm sunburned" hat... oh that's just me.
8/ lace shorts. so cute, and a great alternative to jean shorts.
xo. cate


back and springy

 long time no see, friends. the month of march has been everything but boring for me; filled with festivals, concerts, school, trips, and so. much. more. i have been super busy, but now on spring break (at home) so i have time to relax and unwind. i have purchased a few new delightful things lately, some of which are shown in this outfit of the day!
-top/loft-pants/loft-shoes/urbanoutfitters-bracelets/urban/bcbg/local hippy shop-
i have been obsessed with these emerald jeggings (let's call them pants for my sake of wearing them as pants...) lately! not only is it the color of the season, but they are so comfy. i also am loving this top, because, i mean, who doesn't love lace and when you can wear a sleeveless top in march? oh, and the shoes. two words, ob. sessed. okay, one word but you get the point. i have been wanting a pair of sneakers for forever (literally, when i was a baby i wanted these shoes), and there they were at urban outfitters, the only floral ones left, and the only ones in my size left. you should of seen my "omg those are the ones" dance when i saw them. well, maybe you shouldn't have.
xo. cate