downtown day style

the other day, my friend, parker, and i had our "downtown day". we have been planning this for months now, but never got around to do it. however, it is our spring break so we finally got to have our little day. originally, i was going to dress all springy and stuff, but i found it was going to rain. i planned my outfit around that assumption, but it did not rain (just my luck, right?). so this our downtown day style, enjoy!

this is my friend, parker. she is wearing a white, ruffled tank with a black cardigan and a tribal print skirt. she is also accessorizing with a vintage aviator necklace, and anchor earrings.  we found this really cool vintage telephone booth, and had to take pictures by it!

and here are her adorable animal print sandals!

i am wearing a simple olive scoop neck tee and a light brown cardigan. plus, a wore jean shorts over purple tights (yes, purple tights!) and my black riding boots. i don't look as springy-dingy as Parker... but whatever.

right after i did my "silly pose" , i noticed a group of people were standing behind me staring... awkward.

we never get a good photo of us, but it was the day... so it's a framer(;

i hope you enjoyed our downtown day outfits!
xoxo, cate (& parker!)


inspired style 2

hi there! this outfit reminds me of everything good about summer. it reminds me of those walks in the park, rainy afternoons (because i love the rain!), and shopping days with your best friends. this collection of items i created is called sweet love. this is another outfit that i am inspired by for my spring/summer style. it would be something that you could wear during the day but also dress it up for night. i am loving this selection of clothing...

sweet love

the outfit consisted of:
a. a adorable peach colored romper
b. leather gladiators (my favorite summer shoes!)
c. this beautiful navy bag
d. gold feather bracelet
e. light pink heart earrings
f. fedora (have to add a hat, right?!)

again, this outfit was created on Polyvore. i am slowly but surely becoming obsessed with this website. it is taking over my Pinterest time... which is saying a lot!

xoxo, cate


Inspired style (Polyvore)

spring ready! that is what i call this little outfit. i created this a while ago on Polyvore. Polyvore is basically a website that you can create collages of fashion, interior design, or art. i mostly focus on the fashion side(:. just create an account on Polyvore.com and start posting! but first, follow me (my name is catemarg)! i created this outfit on there and absolutly love it. it's my inspiration for my spring wardrobe this year. its simple, yet fashionable, while still having a bit of edge to it.
spring ready!

this outfit consists of...
a.floral shorts (a must for this spring!!)
b. a knit mint green tee
c. leather lace ups...i am dying over these bad boys(;
d. leather bracelet
e. owl necklace
f. a navy bow belt (to add a bit of pretty to this outfit.)

i will be doing a few more of these "inspired style" posts from Polyvore to give you a taste of my insight of my style for this spring that i hope to recreate for myself. hope you are as inspired as i am, and remember to follow me Polyvore!

<3 cate


at the ballpark again!

hello there! spring baseball has officially started (for my little brother)... so that means... late nights at the ballpark, hot dogs and nachos, lots of cheering, lots of sitting and standing, endless boredom (for people who aren't into sports like me!), but a bunch of fun too! at graham's practice the other night i snapped a few photos of my surroundings.

my baseball watching essentials...

this is the path my mom and i walk sometimes... pretty lovely, right?

i am so thankful that it is warm during baseball season this year, because last year we were miserable because of the cold weather! have a great day filled with joy and laughter.



a few photos to share!

about a week ago i was with my friend, rachel, who has a youtube channel (i will put info at end!). her channel is all about makeup and fashion, and she want to do a "fashion resume" about me. so it's basically what i call a outfit of the day. therefore, i wanted to show you a few of the pictures she took with you!

i am wearing a light pink, flowy blouse from Ann Taylor Loft, high waisted navy corduroy shorts with a leather belt, and canvas lace ups from Forever 21. what's an outfit without some glamour? umm... not one. so i added a sparkle bracelet!

those were just a few of my favorite photos that rachel took of me... so i hope you enjoyed and have a lovely day!

oh! don't forget to subscribe to rachel's youtube channel, beautymarked106, i know she would love that!



my favorite spring shoes...

okay, here where i live spring has sprung! it has been extremely hot the past few weeks... and you know what that means! it's time to break out the summer/spring shoes! as much as i love boots, springy shoes are a close favorite! sandals, flats, oxfords, etc.... there are so many options! so here are a few of my favorite spring shoes that i already own that i fancy(;

these are my gladiator sandals. i got them around last spring, and absolutely LOVE them! they are so simple, yet cute. plus they go with everything... and i mean everything!

my toms(: i love these so much because they are one of a kind, made by me! last october for my birthday i asked for plain canvas toms and sharpies so i could draw on them. they have everything i love on them (new york, cheer, bows, flowers, music, cupcakes, rain, etc.), and i am so happy with how they turned out!

first off... foot pictures are awkward, they just are. so my feet look extremely pale and odd shaped in this picture, but it makes the shoes look good (and that's what counts, right?!). anyways, these are my flats. they are gray metallic with kinda a studded flower type design. they add a bit of glamour to every outfit, and they are so comfy!

oxfords. oh oxfords. i wanted these for forever! i originally wanted brown ones, but then i decided i have too many brown shoes. however, now, i'm am so glad i got gray ones, because they are so cute and make an outfit have a little more of a vintage look.  

so there you go! these are my favorite shoes (that i already own) that i love and will definitely be wearing for spring and summer! however, i'm constantly looking for new shoes! have a lovely day! ~cate


attempting to be artsy

yesterday for some reason i was in the mood to take pictures of nature, so i did. im usually not the type to just go outside and randomly take photos of plants, walls, etc., because i usually focus on fashion, but yesterday i just had a weird urge to take some pictures (maybe i was way too bored...). anyways... here are a few artsy nature photos that i took:

so this may seem quite boring, but i thought that it was a beautiful day and wanted to share some of that with you. i know that these are not the best photos, because i don't have a super duper fancy camera, but it was just my attempt at being kinda artsy(:

i will be starting a series called the colors of spring soon, so be ready!! and don't forget to follow my blog (as you see i'm quite popular).

have a lovely day,