the veggie wall.

[ outfit details: top, loft. vest, ae. belt, j.crew. shorts, ?. shoes, forever 21. ]

so there is this really neat veggie mural on the side of a building in my city that i have been meaning to take photos in front of for the longest of times. thankfully, i have cool friends to do it with. though these photos are from a few weeks ago, this wall (and these pals) still brighten my face. yay for somewhat-cool-yet-scary-veggie people and that fact that we can model along side them.

eat your veggies, kids (and smile too),


crazy pants, crazy life.

[ the pants. ]

[ pretending to be a model, dazed & confused, or just itching my head? i do not even know. ]

[ still cannot believe how short my hair is. woooowzers. ]

[ the annual "okay we're done for today" walk to the camera ]

the great thing about clothes is that you can dress how you feel. the fact that i wore these pants (to church, i might add) this past weekend, means i am wild and crazy and scream PARTY right?! wrong. the other great thing about clothes is that there is a high chance (if you shop with this girl) of them being versatile for multiple situations. that is these pants right here-- yellin' timber in the streets (please tell me someone else is lame enough to get the reference), and "i haven't left the house in three days" on the couch. now THAT my friends, is what you call the perfect purchase.

hugs & happiness,


10 happy moments.

this has been one of those weekends. where nothing really goes right, yet nothing really goes wrong. i cannot really explain it, yet i am done being in this weird mood.  therefore, i thought i would share 10 moments from the past week(s) that have just made me smile for days on end.

1. a strictly just grilled cheese place open up in my city. it is glorious, needless to say.

2. 6 more weeks left of my last term for the year! hooray, hooray, hooray.

3i turned in my huge research paper finally. the relief i felt placing my gigantic file of information into my teachers hands is unreal.

4. i have had one of my first meetings with the group i am traveling with to France and Spain this summer! i have the itinerary almost memorized, roommates chosen, and much more learning to do before the big day.

5. (^photos above relate to this one^) just down the street from my home, the most adorable coffee shop opened. it has been less than a week since it has been up and running, yet i have been 3 times. i am pretty sure that is place will be my new afternoon scene.

6. i bought myself a dress that is truly "me in dress form" as a friend described it. i am sure it will be up on the blog  here shortly.

7. i have gotten to spend a lot of quality time with my best friend, parker, which was long overdue.

8. chai tea. you guys, i am addicted.

9. the phrase "the presence of the Lord will sustain you". so much beauty and truth in that statement.

10. 61 followers on this blog! i remember when i was excited to have 6 (not lying, i promise) or 13, so this is big. so thank you to my new followers and my consistent readers along the way. i really do appreciate your interest into my chaos of a (lovely) life.

there have been many more moments that have occurred, but these are just the ones that come to mind first. here's to happy moments and dreary sundays that call for writing! have a just darling week, pals. 

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