base6 introduction

base6... say it aloud...again... yes you got it, basics. basics are a wonderful thing in fashion. they start the outfit and make it what it is. they are easy to style and easy to find. they are an essential in every women's closet. you can just add a current trend with them and be on your lovely way! i am starting a series called, 'base6' this summer. in 6 posts i will show you how to style each piece (of the 6 pieces) in your unique way.

the 6 basic pieces are..
  1. white tee
  2. jean shorts
  3. gold earrings
  4. the summer sundress
  5. striped top
  6. white jeans
i hopefully will be starting soon, and will be posting quite frequently since it is finally summer! i am beyond ready for this summer and all that awaits me! what does summer have in store you for?

xo. cate


how I wear it: bleach pen tank

yet another how i wear it! i like doing these, because although making diy clothes is fun, if you don't know how to style it your way, then there is really no point to making it. on a recent post i demonstrated how to make a diy bleach pen top. so, if you have not looked at that please do! this project is super fun and not time consuming at all! here is how i wear it...

i tucked my hot pink tank into high waited navy corduroy shorts (local shop) with a distressed belt. of course, my gladiators(ae) were the safe way to go with this outfit. i am trying to get outside my comfort zone with my outfits, which is hard. i recently got a pair of snakeskin and neon yellow sandals that would look really good with this outfit. i will hopefully be showing you a outfit of the day soon with those featured in it.

hope you enjoyed this 'how i wear it' with my diy top! make one of your own, promise it won't let you down(;

xo. cate

how i wear it: studded shorts

a while back i showed you guys my studded shorts i made. i love how they turned out, but my problem was that i could not find an outfit to wear it with! it has taken me about a month to find what to wear it with. finally, i am here today styling my studded shorts...

i styled my shorts with a shear neutral colored top(target) paired with a light pink scarf(local shop). i tucked the shirt in in the front to show my brown leather belt. since the outfit is a bit edger i wanted to soften it up with this pretty scarf. plus, it added some color which is always needed! then, i wore my gray oxfords (target). this outfit is a little random, but i think it pulls together well in the end.

what diy projects are you interested for summer? and how do YOU wear it? have a lovely day!

xo. cate


DIY bleach pen tank

this pink tank top had been sitting in my closet for weeks starring at me to do something with it. a while back I saw shirt that someone had used bleach to draw on it with. so today, that's what I did, and what I will show you guys how to do...

a. find a solid color tank or shirt. i found mine at forever 21 for around 3 bucks!

b. place newspaper in between the front and back of the shirt, so that the bleach doesn't bleed through. this also provides a flat surface to right on, which comes in handy!

c. you can find a bleach pen almost anywhere, mine is by Clorox. if you do not want to go out and buy a bleach pen, use regular bleach that is in the bottle, and use a paintbrush to apply it.

d. begin to write/ draw whatever you want on your top with a steady hand. if you choose to do a design, i recommend that it be very easy, and not elaborate because it tends to be difficult to do without making the top look messy. i choose the words, "let it be". right after you write it, it will appear white- clear. then let air dry(or if you are impatient like me, use a hairdryer). if you chose a darker fabric you may want to go over your words or design again, to whiten it up!

tada! and your done! show off your new addition to your closet asap!

your words or design may seem a little crusty, or spread out after it fully dried, but just stick it in the washer and then let air dry again.

i will be showing a 'how i wear it" soon with my diy bleach pen tank! so excited to wear this top this summer, hope you are too!
xo. cate



hello! this week has been crazy... and honestly i haven't been inspired to do a post whatsoever. but, i am. but, it is random... very random.
 i found yet another "how to have a good day" picture on pinterest today, and although i know i posted one earlier, i love this one... you might know why(:

oh, and my latest addiction is tea. hot tea. i have never liked it before this week when i tried it and fell in love! i have already had 3 cups today... is that bad?

yes, another instagram picture. i have got in the habit of just taking pictures with my iphone, so i am trying to break that!
i also finished my last art project of the year! i made and painted a mask! i love chevron, so i decided to incorporate it into my masterpiece! this is not the final product, because it has to be fired.

the colors will be much brighter, so i hope it turns out well!

hope you have enjoyed your week, even if it has been random and crazy like mine!

xo. cate


lovely helpers

today me and my friend, rachel, who was mentioned on a eariler post, helped with the 6th grade field trip. it was a scavenger hunt downtown! basically, our job was to take photos and videos of the kids, so we had a lot of fun! below some snaps we took throughout the day(via instagram)! 
hope you enjoyed all the silly pics! xo. cate


Advise for you and me

Came across this little bit of advise the other day, thought I would share(:

(please note... Number 3!) xo. cate