"to be creative..."

"To be creative means to be in love with life. You can be creative only if you love life enough that you want to enhance its beauty. You want to bring a little more music to it, a little more poetry to it, a little more dance to it." - Osho
from my trip to North Carolina. (smokey mountains)

 this quote fills be with so much joy. it makes be feel inspired and makes me want to love life a little bit more. also, i adore words such as creative, life, enhance, beauty, poetry, and dance. so refreshing if you ask me. it makes me want to paint, go outside, write, and simply just be creative. don't you just love quotes like that? me too.

xo. cate


joy. (not happiness)

 a list of things that make me more than happy. they make me feel joy-- which is different from happiness. being happy is only temporary, while joy is a feeling that lasts a lifetime, and sometimes beyond.
i like joy.

// rain. there is just something about water pouring from the sky that excites me.
// quality conversations. not just the "hey" "hey" "what's up?" "nothing" conversations. the real ones,
        that inspire me to be a better person.
// daisies. though flowers are only temporary, the feeling last way longer than just a few petals.
// road trips. while i like flying (i just feel so cool), i love to have long car rides with people.
       the talks, the laughs, the food... so great.
// un-famous art. i love discovering new talent, and art is one of many things that inspires me most.
// culture & language. i am studying french currently, and love comparing my life to other people
      around the world's life. it is just so interesting to me. this is why i want to travel.
// crisp, fall air. who else is ready to wear scarves? this girl is.
// a serene environment. i adore being somewhere quiet enough to truly take in all of the
      beauty of life.
//colour. what would life be without it? (sorry to those who are color-blind)
// old things. i have such an appreciation for vintage pieces and old family photos. there is always a
      memory behind those things that forever21 can't give you.
// mountains. the past two weeks, i have been in the mountains. and i have decided that is where i
      want to live sometime in my life. i want to be surrounded by trees and pretty things.
// coffee shop music. music that is calm yet somewhat dance-worthy.
// Jesus' love toward me. seriously, his love flows abundantly and just by that statement, i am in awe.
just a list, because, well, i love lists. obviously. feel joy, friends, not just happiness.
xo. cate


styling white converse.

 i recently just invested in some new converse shoes. i got the low top white ones, and obsessed would be an understatement. here are just three ways that i have styled them, though they basically go with everything.

//here they are! they were $48 at Journeys, and worth every penny.
//for a preppy-er look, i would go monochromatic with a denim button up (old navy) and corduroy shorts (w by azwells). for accessories, of course i choose gold (francesscas). always and forever.
//this outfit is simple, yet with the right accessories (urban, j.crew, bcbg) the mint top (old navy) and jean shorts (ae) are perfect with white kicks.

//i have been seeing all-white outfit constantly this summer. but the secret to making a perfect match is different variations of white/cream. with a white pocket tee (loft) and off-white lace shorts (urban) this look is perfect. for a grungy-er feel i would add an army-esq jacket (ae) and edgy bracelets (urban).

if you cannot already tell, I'M IN LOVE (with white converse).

xo. cate


here kitty kitty.

"oh, please, stop. stop with the pictures." (;

hi. i am cate. and i am the epitome of awkward.

GUYS. how cool is this kitty cat tattoo? i got it when i was in asheville, nc.

okay, it is a henna. you got me. 

first off, let us just address how freaking adorable my kitty cat tatt is?! i am obsessed, but sadly, this cat does not have 9 lives. only 15 days. :(

these were the second set of blog photos i took with Sophie. i really like the eclectic vibe of this outfit. am i the only one who connects vibes with different outfits? yay, okay i guess i am. 

top: vintage (asheville)
necklaces: IDK 
shorts: savers + diy
belt: jcrew
blazer: sophie's ??
shoes: dsw

xo. cate


talking sunnies.


thought i would put together a little sunglasses guide for summer. because some days you are feeling classic, others glamourous, and sometimes you may even want to stand out (a little). i am currently rocking some glamourous cat-eye ones from tarjay (i like saying it like this because it makes target sound fancier, AND everyone hates you because of it!! YES.)

xo. cate


just dress up.


i adore the back of this dress. 

just hanging out in a forest. 

attempting to twirl. attempting

yes, this is me itching.

"HEY LOOK, it is a flower!" 

i just returned from a week long trip to my friend, sophie's house a few states over. if you were wondering, i had a great time. a rad time. a lovely time. a BLAST. (some extra verbs for those of you who do not approve of my normal choices). one day, we decided to take a few blog photos and dress up. sadly, you guys do not get the pleasure of seeing my face when every bug on the planet tried to attack me in her forest (backyard). they were great photos, seriously

dress: target
necklace: sophies. ???
belt: jcrew
shoes: dsw

xo. cate


let's call them owls.

hey there. these photos are from forrrrreeeevvvveeerrrr ago. by how much i childishly exaggerated that word, you can tell how passionate i am about the date of these photos. clearly.

i wore this to my brother's graduation lunch in the spring.

 these shoes, you ask? they are wonderful. i got them super on sale at dsw, and had to snatch them up. why? because at first i thought that they had owls on them (my favorite animal*). little did i know, when i returned home, i figured out they are actually just some random bird. but, for the happiness of myself, let's call them owls, okay?
one would think photo shoots are so glamorous. far from true, friends, far from true. this is how 90% of my photos end up.
(p.s. *owls are my favorite printed animal [on clothes, in art prints, etc], but cats are by far my favorite animals. thought i would share because i know you  care so much)
xo. cate


See ya.

Okay guys... I am off to North Carolina to see my dear friend, Sophie. I'll see you guys in a week!! 

Xo. Cate 


fly in style.

my go-to travel outfit

i know what you are thinking, "cate is going to teach us to FLY and be fashionable at the same time?!", sadly no. i wish, i wish. anyways, because i have been traveling a ton lately, i have become a pro at traveling outfits. also, i will be flying (...in a plane)  alone in a few days to visit a friend, so this ensemble is perfect for a any form of transportation.

i would start with your favorite pair of shorts (mine would be some distressed jean ones) and add a crop top (short enough to not tuck in, but long enough to cover where your belt would be on your shorts). then, just in case your plane is cold add a light weight cardigan. and to accessorize i would add a small (and bright) bag to carry all your things (your oh so fly sunglasses), then add some comfy no-mess shoes.

xo. cate