spring break adventures.

okay, i'll be honest. a week ago at the start of spring break i was being a big debby downer about the upcoming week. all of my friends were out of town on their cool vacations, while i was home. however, as the week progressed, i learned a few things...

1. making money feels better than spending money at the end of the day. yep, i said it. i babysat for 9 hours three days this past week, and quite honestly up until now i have forgotten what it feels like to have more than $5 in your pocket. don't get me wrong, money is definitely not everything, but it is nice to be able to buy a full tank of gas and a smoothie just for kicks and grins every once in a while without feeling like you will break the bank. can anyone relate?

2. i live in a pretty cool state. yes-- pretty and cool. i have the best of both worlds over here in Arkansas. i did lots of outdoorsy things and hiked a bit this past week, which allowed me to really go out and just see the beauty God has for us. even through the bare trees (come on spring, i know you can come a little faster), it has become so evident to me how small we are compared to the Lord. Just another reminder of "He must increase, but i must decrease" (John 3:30).

3. i can be the one... to be bold, to start a conversation, to take the first step, to say the first word, or to create something new, and to overall-- lead. sometimes out of fear of awkward situations, i tend to back down and in a way "quit". whether that means not go to something i really should go to and benefit from, or being the girl who has a mindset of "oh, someone else will do it/say that"-- i am learning to get over those lies. i mean , come one, life has so much to offer, yet we don't live in full out of fear? that is overrated, and honestly not a fun way to live. 
living in the presence of God is the most freeing thing one can do. the joy i feel from the simple truth that Jesus loves us more in this moment than anyone can in a lifetime, is unreal. 

so, here are a few photos from some adventures i took. (no worries, i may seem like i am a really outdoorsy gal, but let's be real-- i still do spend 70% of my time watching The Office and on Pinterest.)

[ little bitty people, huge rocks, and rushing water. ]

[ this bridge was the half way marker. fun on the way there, yet not so fun running back on during a storm. ]

[ pictured: the bros. ]

[ pictured: jackson and myself. ]

[ chop, chop. ]

[ the attempt to get a decent photo of my brothers and i. and quite honestly, i don't even know what was so funny in that moment. ]

[ the whole gang. ]

[ pictured: jackson (my older brother), my mother, and graham (younger bro). ]

[ a beautiful outdoor chapel overlooking the heart of Arkansas. can i get married here, someday? ]

[ the waterfall! ]

[ pictured: jackson taking a photo, and graham doing whatever graham does. ]

^^^ adventure uno... hiking to a waterfall in the pouring rain with my family. ^^^

[ pictured: elliot, myself, abigail. ]

[ pictured: alex, elliot, abigail. ]

[ just trying to be hip, and failing miserably. ]

[ pictured: elliot and alex. ]

^^^ adventure two...exploring a not-so-trail trail with my pals. ^^^

i would say my spring break was a success, though i did not think so at first. funny how as time goes on, everything is put into perspective. funny and always needed, especially for someone like myself. hopefully, more adventures to come. and spring too, that would be nice. 


thanks, mother nature.

today, claire and i had big plans to go on a photog (that is what the cool kids call it these days, right?) adventure. but, it rained. and not just a little rain, i mean cannot-see-while-driving rain. well, i did forget to put on my glasses today, so that may be it. but i am pretty sure it was pouring. 

anyways, like a lot of times, our fun journey got put to a halt by mother nature; however, that did not stop us from having a lovely afternoon. we ate at the most adorable local Mexican restaurant. claire had some veggie dish, and i had fancy chicken tacos. plus, we shared the freshest guacamole i have ever had, so i would call it a good outing. friends, enjoy the small amount of photos we did take (in an enclosed place, of course)!

i love a brightly colored bench. especially on dreary days such as these. its the little things, like tacos, good friends, and mint green, that can make any "ruined plan" turn into something delightful. so, thanks mother nature for the rain and allowing us to make something beautiful out of it. 


a fancy family supper

tonight my family had a fancy supper for my step sister's birthday. we dressed up our table pretty cool and spring-dingy (since the first day of spring was yesterday-- HOLLA at cho boy). and i broke out my camera for some table and food shots. i will forever be "that girl" breaking out her big camera every chance she gets. it's a lifestyle, people. 

we had salad with a homemade dressing, bread, and Étouffée.

along with lemonade with these super cute paper straws. 

to finish off, some Crème brûlée!

flowers can brighten anything up, am i right? 

why we also bought cupcakes, i do not know. we were all too stuffed to have one. eh, there is always breakfast tomorrow. 



short hair (& other fun life things)

today is the first saturday i have had to just stay in bed past 7 am in what feels like ages.
 and it feels good.

life has been hectic lately, but i would not have it any other way. there is something about being busy and not even thinking about crossing off a day in your calender that is freeing and wonderful. sometimes lack of structure in our routine-centered lives is a good thing. 

i have experienced a lot of cool things in the past few weeks, so let's play catch up.

what could this mean....
i cut my hair off! thank goodness, finally. a whole 7 inches, people. 
i went climbing with my buds. which we soon figured out that going on a saturday night with the most granola people out there was not the greatest of ideas. let's just say, there were lots of laughs and smirks that headed our way that night.  
i have started a regular bible study with my friends (claire is the one pictured). to be encouraged every thursday by friends who are growing in their faith as i am is the best thing ever. 

from a dinner with my friends from school last week. mmmmm burgers and milkshakes. 
i finally finish this art piece for a competition! i painted a pop art-esque fox on fabric. then dyed the remaining white fabric and put it in a loom. then embroidered a few stitches just for funzies. let it be known that i named this piece "what does the fox say".  i was in a rush and that was the first thing that popped into my mind, OKAY?

my new favorite outfit. i have worn it maybe 3 days in a row? sorry all. 

yay for photos in an empty restaurant! i would have had these photos taken if there was people in there or not, but i guess it was just my special day.

one of my dearest friends is back from college on her spring break. it's good to eat frozen yogurt and take too many photos when you haven't seen someone in a while. 

this is elliot. happy about him, coffee, and forced photos.


friends, have a wonderful saturday. i know i am going to.


dream and repeat.

today, school is out (thank you, ice). therefore, i must spend all day doodling my heart out, right? right. lately my creative flow has been far from "flowing", if you know what i mean. however, after last night's Oscars, the grace, elegance, and authenticity of Lupita Nyong'o's acceptance speech left me inspired. "No matter where you come from, your dreams are valid." what a beautiful day to rest, create, and dream.

p.s. i missed my 2 year "bloggerversery" (again). and i am too lazy to write a post about it, too. :)