the oscars: my favorite dresses!

the academy awards are probably my favorite awards of all time. i feel like they have the best dresses... and plus i love seeing all the awards the movies get. here are just a few of my favorite dresses i saw on the red carpet the other day...

all night i was waiting for someone to pull off a coral dress, and michelle williams sure did!i am in love with this color (plus it's high in) and the silhouette of the dress. her blond pixy cut lets all the focus go to her dress... which is absolutely beautiful. and her dress has a pretty little sparkly bow on it... i mean, what could be better?!

my second favorite is angelina jolie. i love how simple it is, but with a bold flair. this sleek black dress shows off her leg adding a another aspect that i adore.

i was surprised at how much i liked this. this beautiful dress, worn by octavia spencer, highlights her curves perfectly. the off-white color with the elaborate details is what makes this dress beyond gorgeous on her.

rooney mara... oh my. honestly the first thing that i am drawn to her her bold black bangs, but then i realize her dress. the awe moment. i love how it is tight all the way down then it all flows out. this dress is quite simple... but simple is best in my opinion.

i just read on another blog that navy is the new black... and it sure is! tina fey is wearing a navy dress, with a similar silhouette as michelle williams, that has a thin black wait band. this dress really stands out on the red carpet to me and provides the elegance that i love.

there were many more dress that i loved... and hated.... on the red carpet, but these are just a few of my favorites. so, that's all for now and have a lovely day!


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