downtown day style

the other day, my friend, parker, and i had our "downtown day". we have been planning this for months now, but never got around to do it. however, it is our spring break so we finally got to have our little day. originally, i was going to dress all springy and stuff, but i found it was going to rain. i planned my outfit around that assumption, but it did not rain (just my luck, right?). so this our downtown day style, enjoy!

this is my friend, parker. she is wearing a white, ruffled tank with a black cardigan and a tribal print skirt. she is also accessorizing with a vintage aviator necklace, and anchor earrings.  we found this really cool vintage telephone booth, and had to take pictures by it!

and here are her adorable animal print sandals!

i am wearing a simple olive scoop neck tee and a light brown cardigan. plus, a wore jean shorts over purple tights (yes, purple tights!) and my black riding boots. i don't look as springy-dingy as Parker... but whatever.

right after i did my "silly pose" , i noticed a group of people were standing behind me staring... awkward.

we never get a good photo of us, but it was the day... so it's a framer(;

i hope you enjoyed our downtown day outfits!
xoxo, cate (& parker!)

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