some people get mad at life. some people decide to accept it. i am choosing it embrace it.

3 things to embrace:

1. messy hair: because sometimes, you wake up late, your straightener is not working, and you need a poptart. food>hair

you can...

            get mad at it: start putting all sorts of products in you hair, and end up looking like a lion.
            accept it: go out the door looking like you have never heard of a hair brush before.
            embrace it: try a top knot : looks like you tried, but not too much, yet very polished     
                              and pretty.

2. awkward moments: okay, let us rephrase that- my life. this is a lesson i have had to learn...and practice a lot lately.

you can...

          get mad at it : sit there, letting all the awkwardness overcome you. not fun, my friends.
          accept it: let the silence continue, because can it really get any worse?
          embrace it: laugh at yourself, and keep your head high, and carry yourself with confidence!

3. chaos and cakeless:  imagine this- there is no time in your day to relax AND there is not a crumb of sweetness to be found.

you can...

          get mad at: start blaming your problems and cake cravings on everyone else. this leads
                            to tension and still no cake. 
          accept it: continue life the way it is, and decide not to make a real change.
          embrace it: take your mind off the craziness of your life, and focus on  
                            something else. whether that is art, helping someone else out, or simply heading
                             to the grocery store to buy a cookie or 5.

hope this encourages you to embrace life, as i am trying to do too.

xo. cate


  1. So pretty much, my life is super awkward. And I happen to spend too much time on my hair. And I never have time to relax. Maybe because I'm doing my hair so much :) haha New follower and love your blog!

    1. Yed, exactly! haha. Thanks for following! (:


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