the leather jacket

i got this leather jacket from my grandparents (yes... my grandparents. and they even picked it out without me!) last year for Christmas, and this probably only the second time i have worn it. crazy, i know. what is crazier than that is that why i did not wear it was because i did not know what to wear it with. yet it is as easy as this... a gray long sleeve tee, bright scarf, jeans, and moccasins. all i had to do is basically add the jacket to what i normally wear on a regular basis. crazy, i know.

oh, and recognize this top? i wore it on my very first blog post ! crazy how time flies... crazier how i have had this awesome leather jacket hanging in my closet unworn for a year.

xo. cate

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  1. Kay. This jacket is so cute! I love it so so much :)
    I wish my grandparents bought me leather jackets!


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