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normally when i go into a thrift shop (to pop some tags), i go in with an intention to get a certain thing, whether that is something lace or a band tee, i always have a goal in mind to buy something. today, however, was different. i went into Savers just to look, and i came across a awesome button up. before you judge the somewhat hideous and somewhat uniquely cute top i bought, i will tell you my thought process as it made it's way into an outfit!

thought one: it is floral and denim... two of my favorite things all wrapped up in a button up!
thought two: it is HUGE.
thought three: i look like an 93 year old gardener (but a cute one right? no? okay.)

thought four: i'll cut off the sleeves and take the shoulder pads off
thought five: i totes messed up. should i have kept the sleeves? *mini panic attack*

thought seven: belt it and add accessories!
thought eight: ahhhh... perfect. will look even cuter with my green pants mentioned here.

thought nine: for school i will had a cardigan (apparently shoulders are of the devil...)
thought ten: ugh, my mirror is dirty, i need to go clean it.
thought eleven: okay, ADD, lets get back to fixing this granny top.
thought twelve: no need to brag, but i am pretty awesome. i mean, from that to THIS. (;

after all of my thoughts, i finally came to the conclusion that i like how it turned out! i still may do a few things to it here and there to make it cuter by itself (dip dye? crop it? fringe it?), but other than that i feel very accomplished! what would you do to this top? i may even use your suggestion, you never know.

xo. cate

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