anthropologie fall lookbook

It is no lie that I am quite in love with every piece Anthropologie chooses. The whimsical and one-of-a-kind feel collides into something so unique, yet pretty in everyway. Their latest fall items are "Paris street style" inspired (I dislike the word, themed). So, knowing me, of course I am all over the entire collection. Take a moment with me and appreciate ( and envy) some beautiful clothes. We can pretend to be in Paris too, If you want.

the perfect fancy pullover to throw over jeans and boots this fall.

these pants. GAH, these pants.

elegance at it's finest. the Eiffel tower is an appropriate back-drop, I think.

everything about this outfit is very "me". whatever that means to you, take it and run with it. (in the meantime, buy me this dress)

xo. cate

p.s. I've missed you guys. (:

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  1. love this blog! and now i need to go to anthro after work today :) xo

    the well-traveled wife


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