simple saturday.

i like to think that i have an interesting style. i truly dislike being identical as every other girl, and there's no lie that that standard of mine carries on into my dress. don't get me wrong, i am still a lover of neutrals and probably wear gray and black 90% of the time, but just jeans and a t-shirt do not normally cut it for me. i love layers. i love accessorizing. i love personalizing an outfit. the struggle with this mindset though is the occasional want for simplicity. today i woke up and had two thoughts in mind (who am i kidding, i had about a thousand thoughts but these made the top of the list). one, i really wanted to wear the new top i bought yesterday. if you are a girl and do not feel the burning desire to wear what you bought immediately, you are lying. you just are. and two, i was tired of wearing my classic jeans and sweater combo. so, i put this little number together. i am forever a lover of the shorts and tights trend, if you are wondering. i even overheard the shop girls at a store comment on it-- these are the kind of confidence boosts i sometimes need on lazy saturdays when your hair is resembling a bird's nest. give someone that confidence boost today. 

[ comin' atchu live wid that model face. jk, it's my ten cars have come down my street in the past minute and i am trying to look like just a normal girl having a photo shoot with her brother face. ]
[ all time favorite shoes. // anthro. ]
[ crooked smile, squinty eyes. ]

happy weekend, friends! may you enjoy leftover turkey and pumpkin pie and take too many naps. that's my agenda, at least.

yours truly,

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