summer travels: north carolina

you know how i promised to cover my d.c. travels next? me too, then i got too nostalgic looking back at the moments captured while i was with my bestie, sophie, in north carolina and, well, here we are. sophie moved to highpoint, north carolina about two and a half years ago, and will soon be moving to london, england. like, what?! she is living the dream (and i am living the dream vicariously through her). my time with her, though short, was nothing short of wonderful. we had some much needed friend-time-- you know when you stay up until 3 a.m. multiple nights in a row talking, laughing, and crying (and many combinations of the three), you have one heck of a friendship.

enjoy a few iphone snaps (whoops, did not whip out the camera once) from my time in the most beautiful state with the most beautiful friend...

left to right, top to bottom:

one. // taken after almost missing my connecting flight (and doing the ugly cry in the charlotte airport). yes, i am "that girl".
two. // my read for the trip. an adventurous book for the adventurous heart.
three. // reunited and it feels so gooooooood. (80+ selfies taken soon after)
four. // my face as i touched down in greensboro. (i love using words such as "touched down". just call me a jet setter.)

one. // spent the next day smoothie making and smoothie breaking. (seriously, we broke the blender.)
two. // 'smoothie bowls with a lovely soul.' this was definitely an inside joke. there was definitely voices to go with it. if anyone who did not know us was around, they would definitely think we are in. sane.
three. // soph gave me these adorb cat socks. the way to my heart, people, the way to my heart.
four. // smiles & sleeping in until 11 a.m. 

one. // best thing about visiting a friend with style is getting to borrow said friends' clothes. 
two. // downtown greensboro-- the cutest street art.
three. // a restaurant solely devoted to crepes? what more could a girl ask for?
four. // from our day in chapel hill. we visited UNC with some friends (hi joe! hi henderson!) and it was the best day. it was also really hot, but we won't get into that (sweat. lots & lots of sweat.).

one. // soph & the great green wall.
two. // me & the great green wall. (thanks boys for the photos!)

as i was thinking about this summer, i wished i would have blogged and written more. yet, i realized that i was too busy living life than blogging it. and i am completely okay with that. with this trip being no exception to the adventures taken and memories made this summer, i am beyond thankful & excited as for what is in store. 

and a big hug goes out to sophie for just being the friend she is. virtual hugs for the win! only good things ahead for you sister friend, even when it means an ocean apart.

yours truly,


  1. looks like you had an awesome time! ^_^ I live in NC and I love it.

  2. Oh my goodness, looks like you had a super awesome trip! Your photography is seriously awesome- all of your blog photos always look gorgeous. :)
    Grace Anne :)


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