well said // fall writing inspiration.

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i am a strong believer in the idea of  to write well is to read well. there are times (aka, most days) that i have no idea what to write about, or what to say quite frankly. yet, these are days that i take that cue to put down my pen and read. and to read abundantly, and often, and deeply. to notice every phrase, not just in a novel, but in  news articles, on blog posts, and on the back of my shampoo bottle. (okay, that last one may be a stretch, but you get the idea.) because, there is a lot we can learn from others and loads of inspiration & those hummm moments to be had. so i say, let's have them!

here are seven pieces of writing i have been inspired by recently. ergo, please stop reading this post and read some of these people's talented work. ah, i love fellow creatives.

one // dear american christians, by abigail green.

two// self care by kelsey marie.

 in relationships via darling magazine 

four // my bedroom studio: a metallic story by jordan stokke

five // a fall feast: friendsgiving via anthropologie blog

six // about a girl: arden wray via urban outfitters blog

seven // hyper island talks to jen gotch via bando blog (a video!)

who or what are you inspired by on a regular basis? and, do you think there is a correlation between reading and writing?

yours truly,

p.s. i used the word "ergo" in a piece of my writing. can you say "winning"? or, maybe just trying too hard.


  1. I need to read these! I'm off to go explore your wonderful recommendations:)

  2. Ooooh I've only just read one of those posts you linked but the WRITING, oh my goodness. So good. I feel inspired already. Thanks for sharing. :)

    xx Sarah


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