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One of my goals for the year, or just in general, is to be more consistent with content here on CLL. I am a perfectionist at heart, so it honestly can take me months to finally publish a post. I actually write quite a bit, trying to make myself write something everyday (even if it is "get your life together, gosh dangit" on a napkin between cupcake crumbs), so it's funny that I somehow do not have content to put out on a regular basis. Yet, I'm going to try to give myself a break every once in a while, and just post after only one edit (or five... baby steps, you guys).

So to shake it up around here, I thought I would share my current music playlist. On my Spotify (follow me!-- Cate Willis)  I call it "Don't Listen to Sad Songs in Winter", because this season can already be depressing enough with its short-lived days and biting cold, so let's not get ourselves down with overly-emotional music for now. Sorry, Adele.

Lost | Jack and White

Polarize | Twenty One Pilots (actually anything from their new-ish album)
#88 | Lo-Fang
Vagabond | Misterwives
I Will Be There | Odessa (eeep. this song. the chills.)
Cloudline | Joseph
Here | Alessia Cara (now deemed popular, but still such a good one)
When I Get Older | Wild Party
Fix My Eyes | KING & COUNTRY
Future People | Alabama Shakes

Not to mention the embarrassing amount of Bieber I have been listening to. No shame. Actually, a little shame-- because I'm definitely that girl in the car intensely (& poorly, I might add) dancing to "Love Yourself" at red lights.

Enjoy your week, friends! Let's eat some cake and give ourselves a break every now & then.

Yours truly,


  1. I don't have a Spotify, but I'll definitely be looking up these songs!!!

  2. dude twenty one pilots is my favorite band! AH! Sorry. Im lowkey obsessed with them. haha.

    anyhow. new follower here. you're pretty rad and I cant wait to read more stuff. have a great day :)



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