Small Ways To Be Creative Everyday.

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I have come to realize that the days & weeks & months that I feel down, or uninspired, are ones without creativity. I used to think that the phrase "I cannot live without art" was only for highly-creative, type-b, professional artists (none of which I am), yet time and time again I am realizing this to be a vital necessity for not just my well being, but joy in my life. 

However, on those days that I am not creative, it is often times because I feel I am too busy to do traditional artistic mediums (i.e. painting, writing, drawing, etc.). And, I often think: If this essential to my life, and many others, there must be an easier way to incorporate it regularly. And, good news-- there is!

Here are a few ways for my fellow creatives (which means, you, all of you) to add a little extra inspiration to your crazy, busy days.

1) Podcasts! I have wanted to get into podcasts for years, but could never find ones that I was eager to keep up consistently. However, times are a changing and my current favorites that I cannot get enough of are The Lively Show, After The Jump, and The Accidental Creative (all found on the podcast app on your IPhone). These are great because they can be easily incorporated to your daily life-- whether on your morning commute or as you are cooking dinner.

2) Write it down. Capture all the funny, wise, random bits of information (quotes, thoughts, conversations) that come to you throughout the day. Like I have stated before, I try to write everyday. Yet, this "writing" does not always mean pages on pages of solid content, but can consist of what I call "the little things". For me, I jot down a few sentences each day in the notes section on my phone. This way, when I later go back to write for real, I have a plethora of inspiration to choose from. Plus, remembering the small things in life is so beautiful. 

3) Opt out browsing social media for more uplifting and inspiring content. My all-time favorites are The Jealous Curator and Design Love Fest. Just a simple shift in fifteen minutes-- from perusing instagrammable-lives that can lead to jealously and discontentment to surrounding yourself with substance that makes you think-- can greatly impact your outlook and feed your creativity. 

4) Get a change in scenery. We often get caught up in our routines- same commute, same coffee shop, same breakfast. For a type-a gal like myself, shaking up the everyday can leave my mind in chaos; yet, I'm learning that if done correctly, a small change can get you out of the rut of routine. Whether it is driving a different route to school or work, going for a run around your neighborhood instead of the gym, or ordering the special instead of your regular meal at your go-to restaurant, these straightforward variations of your day take intentionality and frankly, an adventurous spirit. Because, being "adventurous" does not mean you have to go for a hike every weekend.

5) Unplug for one hour a day. This may be the most difficult for us millennials, but oh so necessary. It is easy to think that if we were to turn off our phones, computers, and TVs that we would be missing out or, for us irrationals, that our great aunt will need to go to the hospital and we are the only ones who can help. However, I think that is a risk we should be willing to take (unless the latter actually does become a reality). To go screen-free for just 60 minutes allows not just time to do other activities, but also grants your mind to slow down. And, slowing down is something that we should all practice a little more often, don't you think?

How do you add small spurts of creativity to your everyday?

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  1. These are really fabulous tips! I'm always wanting to incorporate more creativity into my life, I'm so much happier when I do. Unplugging always seems to help me, I feel so much better mentally when I do. Hoping to try to do it more often! I also really like hand-lettering, I don't have to think too much but it's very creative and relaxing.

  2. Fresh air and any break from routine always help! Coffee too, ahah! I've been noticing that I feel creative when I least expect.


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