DIY composition notebook

the other day i was in the crafty mood, and so i looked on pinterest to find some good ideas... and then came up with none. so i thought that i would try to be original and create something i came up with. this little diy project is very simple and very easy and it can be made into whatever you want to use it for!

items needed for this project:
old composition notebook (unused)
scrapbook paper or old books
a creative outlook!

step 1: find an old composition notebook that is unused. this one was all ripped up, so i decided to give it a new look!

step 2: gather your supplies. i found a few old dictionaries from 1786 that were perfect for the look i wanted my notebook to have. i have been using these a ton in all my latest projects and crafts. this will be used to cover your entire notebook. if you want to achieve this look you can use old dictionaries, books, or even new papers! however, scrapbook paper would be just as cute! and of course, you need to get scissors, tape, glue, etc. (not pictured).

step 3: rip out a few pages from the old book or pick out about 2 of your favorite scrapbook papers. then, look through your magazines and choose your favorite words, or if you want to put a phrase or quote on the front, look for those words! i decided wanted to put the words, " i realized this day was good" on mine. i chose this because i wanted to keep track of the little special moments in each day that made me smile. i am not good a keeping a journal (thou i wish i was!) so i chose this way to track each day.

step 4: tape or glue your book pages or scrapbook paper to the front and back of your notebook. as for old book/dictionary pages i did a few layers, to make sure the paper did not rip. fold the paper underneath the front and back of the notebook to make it look clean.

step 5: tape or glue your words however you like on the front of your notebook. you could do a collage of some of your favorite things, put your words in a cool shape, or just place them in order of a quote or phrase (as i did!).

and you're done!

i love how mine turned out, it is very simple, but just the way i wanted it! inside you can write whatever you want (journal, doodle, write notes, use it as a planner...). i wrote dates for every single day with a space beside it to write my "happy moments". i get excited to write in it each day, and hope i continue to do so for a long time! 

that was probably a extremely long explanation on how to put paper on a notebook, but i hope you enjoyed it anyways. i just wanted to share with you a new thing that i am doing, that i encourage you to do too! have the loveliest of days, and find the good in each day rather than dreading on the bad.


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  1. Really good idea I loooooove composition notebooks I get them when they're on sale at target .50 so I stock up keep up the good ideas (:


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