zooey deschanel style

zooey deschanel style

i love zooey deschanel for so so so many reasons... maybe it's  her bangs, her humor, or the fact that she has "chanel" in her name, but most of all it is her quirky style. although, her style is a bit more childish in her tv show, New Girl, she still resimbles that wardrobe in her everyday wear. zooey is famous for her odd prints, feminine siloquettes, and overall nerd chic style. in the outfit shown above shows a more casual look for her, which i adore. a striped top color blocked with a bold color, black shorts, tights, and fun flats is her go-to street style outfit it seems. she keeps her ensaumbles very minimal, with simple pieces and little jewery or embellisbents. zooey is one who loves color, an aspect i wish to imitate and strive for in my style.

xo. cate

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