currently crazy.

currently life is crazy. thought I would catch you guys up on the chaos that a new school year brings.

my older brother, Jackson, went off to college at the end of august. i know he misses the constant selfies i make him participate in.

i went to the lake with some friends over labor day to enjoy some boat rides and tubing on the water. i am still sore after 2 weeks, if that says anything about out tubing experience.

found some pretty rad pants/leggings at target... sadly, my mom does not appreciate cats, much less leggings, so she said no. like, what is she trying to do? protect me from friendships and stares from random people?

here is a big thing... i started a new school. and i wear uniforms. yes, uniforms. never in a million years would i think i would be wearing a plaid skirt and polo to school. but, i like it to far even though it is never fun to be the new girl again.

i joined art club at my school, and we made these cool little dream catchers. one girl told me that mine looked like the Indians made it. i couldn't tell if it was a joke or not, so i just rolled with it and awkwardly laughed.

this scene has been the reoccurring sight for most of my nights these past few weeks. i have never had so much work and studying to do on a daily basis. it is insane.

i got these little happies this weekend! i have been wanting succulents all summer, but just now finally got around to completing my project. they sit in my window ceil and make me smile. oh the things that make me joyful.

xo. cate


  1. I really like the dream catcher.
    Holey moley. I want those leggings!
    Glad to hear school is going well, even though it's tough. I feel you.
    I love those plants. So cute.

  2. Beautiful pictures. :)
    I think the girl meant that as a compliment, because it does look really well-made! Like the Indians made it, I guess. :p


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