thanks, mother nature.

today, claire and i had big plans to go on a photog (that is what the cool kids call it these days, right?) adventure. but, it rained. and not just a little rain, i mean cannot-see-while-driving rain. well, i did forget to put on my glasses today, so that may be it. but i am pretty sure it was pouring. 

anyways, like a lot of times, our fun journey got put to a halt by mother nature; however, that did not stop us from having a lovely afternoon. we ate at the most adorable local Mexican restaurant. claire had some veggie dish, and i had fancy chicken tacos. plus, we shared the freshest guacamole i have ever had, so i would call it a good outing. friends, enjoy the small amount of photos we did take (in an enclosed place, of course)!

i love a brightly colored bench. especially on dreary days such as these. its the little things, like tacos, good friends, and mint green, that can make any "ruined plan" turn into something delightful. so, thanks mother nature for the rain and allowing us to make something beautiful out of it. 

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