whoa, by that title you probably would think i went to prom. newsflash peeps, that did not happen. 

however a few days ago, parker (the best friend) and i helped two of our favorite people (claire and alyse) get ready for their school's prom. and by "help"get ready, what i really mean is be on easing-the-stress-duty and the photographers for the night. it was perfect weather, and they both looked beautiful. below are some photos that were snapped that night. 

[ parker and i ]

[ claire and i ]

[ alyse and i ]

[ the deets. //top: ae. necklace: francesscas// ]

[ #dramatic ]

have a lovely week friends! 16 more days left until my summer break... i can('t) do it. 

xo. cate 


  1. Cate! Lovely post as always. I have to say I violently giggled at your post title! May I ask why you didn't go to prom? :)

    1. My friends go to a different school than i do-- not time for prom yet for me :)


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