weekend vibes.

coffee chats. cool shops. fancy friend dinners. those "i just look really good" outfits (yes, i am bragging. no, i am not ashamed.). sunday shadows. 

yeah, weekends are good. 

*note* grainy iphone photos ahead. don't you worry, i'll be a good blogger soon & actually not forget my camera everywhere i go. 

(this is isabella. she rocks. )

(parks and rec. ... i mean parks and me. )

(excuse the mirror photo. desperate times call for desperate measures. )

happy monday!

xo. cate 


  1. great photos sweety!
    happy day!


  2. Always love reading your blog. Lovely pictures, too! :)

  3. Aw, i love your outfits! the mirror pic is soo nice. also, grainy iphone pics are the best ahaha ;) xx

  4. Hi Cate! If I was interested in doing a guest post what would I have to do?

    1. Hi, thank you so much for showing interest in my blog! i really do appreciate it. Right now, i am trying to focus more on re-creating my blog to my taste, so for now i am not having any guest posts. But i will soon, and will let you know. Thanks again!

  5. Your blog it's so inspirational Cate, I like when people are always smiling!!! If you want you can visit my new post on myownstylerighthere.blogspot.com . Kisses Julia

  6. Hi Cate! I started to type something with a "c" into my search bar and this came up, so naturally I had to see your latest blog post! You're the absolute cutest! :)
    - Hailey


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