black, white & borrowed

[a photo from my instagram. shameless promotion: follow me @catemarg ]

well hello there! my dear friend sophie (check out her youtube channel here) lives far, far away from me and we visit each other back and forth whenever we can. when she stayed with me this past summer, she left this girl with a full heart, the funniest memories, and... her cutest top. when i was cleaning under my bed (i have a lot of time on my hands, obvi) the other day i came across this black lace number and had to give it a wear. sorry, soph, you may or may not be getting this back. 

also, i was going for an all-black vibe today. i changed about 7 times (you know you do it too), and somehow this combo came about. my friend described it as "casual business wear"... and after that comment i did a sigh and a shaking of the head. i was going more for a "funky but chic but also edgy" look. can't win everyday, can we?

[polka dot button up: f21 // black lace top: borrowed // black jeans: loft // shoes: thrifted ]

[it was a little bright. so of course my first reaction is to flash a peace sign. ]

borrowed clothes are just the best, right? 

yours truly,


  1. rewelacja! świetnie dobrane kolory :))



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