reflecting on 2014.

and just like that 2014 turned into 2015. join me as i reflect on the goals (see original post here ) i set for myself this year. let's see how many times i can use the phrase "well i kind of accomplished this one" in one post. here goes nothing.
  • read more. well, yes i did accomplish  this goal. however, what is so sad is that i only read two (and a half-- currently in the middle of one) books this year for fun. and what's really sad is that that is two and a half more than i have read in years past. slowly but surely, people, i will become a reader. you just wait.
  • write and paint more. yes and yes and yes to this goal. though i did not post as much on the ole blog as i would like to, i felt as if my quality was so much stronger. i am no longer writing just to write, but choosing to publish content that i actually enjoy reading and am proud of. quality over quantity, that's the motto. as for painting, this year i have discovered a love for watercolors. with inspiration from rifle paper company , chris ballasiotes , and various other graphic designers, i know i love to create art focused around typography, simple graphics, and a specific meaning. with a love for writing and creating art, it only excites me as i look into how i can use this in the "real world" later in life. with thinking about college, jobs, and all that jazz-- somehow incorporating my passions even in the smallest of ways is very important to me. the future is scary, but less scary with something you enjoy. 
  • find something active and enjoyable. to that i say one big, HA! the most active thing i did this year was go to the gym for a few days in a row because our water at our house was not working, so i showered at the gym; and i felt bad for just showering and not additionally working out, so i ran a few miles here and there. so there's that. and i walk from the bottom lot at school all the way to my first class. i'm crazy athletic, let's talk about it.
  • write down a joyful memory per day // aka be an optimist. i did this one for a while, but soon after forgot about it. however, i have found myself looking at the bright side of situations more this year. learning that the grass is not just greener on the other side, but greener where you water it. (pinterest inspiration, represent)
  • work on my room. on this goal, i get an A+. i have constantly decorated & redecorated little parts of my room this year. little things here and there, bring me a lot of happiness.  my favorite additions to my room include the artwork i got while in europe, my various random garland (pom poms, tassels, bunting banners, etc.), and my random knick knacks on my desk. 
my word for the year was share! (catch up for new readers: for the 2nd year in a row, i use a word as a goal for the year. in 2013 it was bold. i know you are on the edge of your seat to see what is next.) being an introvert myself, i know how hard it is to share about yourself with others. not just sharing via instagram, during a class presentation, or the fact that you like pie too (we all do! you don't have to add in that fact!), but genuinely sharing. sharing about yourself is scary for multiply reasons. first, you have to open yourself up and let people in. people that may leave your life, hurt you, or eventually lose their trust with you. on the contrary, sharing, i have learned is so, so wonderful. it can bring you the best of friends, new opportunities, and truths about life from another perspective. sharing is also great because it is (most of the time) reciprocative. when you are willing to allow yourself to share about your thoughts, knowledge, and life in general, others are more likely to do so. it's a ripple effect, kind of. ah, sharing. it's my favorite.

all in all, i am so very thankful for this year. with lots of change, comes an abundance of growth. and 
growth, in my book, is always something to be thankful for! i am so fortunate to have the life that i do, and am continually in awe at all the people who take part in it on a consistent basis. that means you, *insert your name here*, too!

i will be sharing my new goals for this coming year very soon. stay tuned, dear ones!

yours truly,

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  1. Happy new year and good luck with everything!! 2015 will be great :)



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