happy list.

let's be honest: there are days (or weeks... or months) when life is just blah. it's true. i've been there more times than most, it seems. sometimes i just want to shout to the lady checking me out at target "hey guess what? i don't have my crap together!". then i realize that that may be intrusive and i just need to eat a piece of cake and get on with the day. 

however, the other way (and healthier way, i might add) to refrain from dwelling on these moments in life is to be focus on what is going right, what you do love, what does make your heart sing, and does what lifts your at-times dying spirit. here are a few of mine as of late:

1. card games // i may not be the most athletic, but give me a deck of (preferably cute) cards and i will take. you. down. 

2. the unexpected encouraging text // hey, friend who may or may not read this-- thanks for your sweet text last week. i needed it. 

3. one-on-one conversations // there is nothing that leaves me more renewed than long chats with friends. plus, food or tea is always involved. win-win situation, i guess. 

4. hugs. // there, i said it people! i like your hugs (even if i continually resist them). 

5. content that makes you think. // current favorites: this video containing ira glass' two cents on the creative process & this article on being a graceful woman in a gossip-filled world. 

6. sunflowers. // thanks, mom. you dabom.com/yourmom! (get it? get it? excuse me while i face the cold hard facts that i cannot say things such as this anymore since i am an almost 18 year old.)

7.  parks and rec season finale. // we laughed, we cried. and this "we" i am talking about is just me and my plate of waffles. all i gotta say is: treat. yo. self. 

8. advise. // so often we (me) get too prideful to listen to the advise of others amidst  hard situations. yet, so often we (me) can be reassured that we are not the only ones going through a circumstance. thankful for the advise from friends, family, adults, and random strangers that is meaningful and full of love. 

9. beginnings and ends. // there is something about nearing the end of the school year yet also planning for the next one that makes me do a little happy dance. 
*insert white girl dance moves here*

10. cats. // because, cats. 

what makes you joyful despite circumstances?

yours truly,


  1. Awww, Cate, this is a list that made me happy. Sunflowers and waffles and hugs oh my! Love the little things. You definitely aren't the only one with the crappy days either, hun. Thank you for sharing, you just made my day that much brighter. ^_^

  2. Long chats with friends can be so therapeutic, right? Or long chats with total strangers as long as they keep it interesting. x


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