3 years of blogging.

last week marked 3 years here on creating a lovely life, and what do you know- the day was forgotten yet another year in a row (remember last year?). no worries, though, i ate enough cake when i remembered to make up for it. you see, i am a big believer in birthdays, holidays, and other special dates that only come once a year, yet still seem to let my "bloggerversary" come and go without a thought each year. however, i got thinking (and got creeping) on my past posts. from my very first outfit of the day  (brace yourself, people) to the one time i posted a photo of Lauren Conrad's hair and it got over 4k repins on pinterest, to just last week  when i posted words that were more honest and raw than any post before, the special date for me on this site lies within every post. i can see myself growing, not just with better edited photographs or more complex wording (thank you, thesaurus.com!), but additionally growing as a person. 

so, let's get festive with looking back on a few of my most cring-worthy content in the past years...

(psst. hey you. just click the post titles in the following list & it will lead you straight to the post itself. you're welcome.)

1. my favorite spring shoes  (circa march of 2012) // oh dear, those edits. i am embarrassed to tell you that i thought saturation was the stuff back in the day. go big or go home, right? (for more saturation-filled photos & terrible fonts check out at the ballpark again.

2.  and that is okay (circa october of 2012) // this is when i reminded my readers that they are going to  fail a lot. i think there was more wisdom to it than that, but when i looked back and read the words "you are going to fail" it makes me wonder if this post is why i only have 75 followers. 

3. in a paint-y mood (circa may of 2013) // this post makes me laugh because, well, nothing has changed. my desk still has paint stains adorning it's once white surface from the hours of art that happens there, and not to mention i still take photos of my desk everyday (hello current post photo). however, i hope my painting has somewhat improved... i think i was going for a rifle paper company feel, and obviously failed.

4. our mediocre microcosm (circa september of 2013) // i actually really like this post, but i think i was stretching the whole alliteration thing with the title a little too much. again i say, keep it together, cate. 

5. crazy pants crazy life (circa april of 2014) // ah, my most recent embarrassing moment here on the blog. i am constantly apologizing for my model moves (or lack there of), but for these photos i think it is perfectly acceptable to. OH, and with the grainy iPhone photos... do not even get me started.

this year i am thankful for growth. and thankful that i can laugh at my past posts that helped me get to where i am today. who knows, maybe in another three years, i will cring at content that i was so proud of just last week. everyday is a new day!

yours truly,

(p.s. remember when i went all gossip girl on you by ending by posts in "xoxo, cate". yeah, me too. )

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  1. Happy Blogiversary!!! Absolutely celebrate with cake. Yup. No questions there. ^,^ Don't you love laughing and cringing through old blog posts?? It makes anything recent look like pure gold ;D

    Chloe | Curious Ramblings


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