forever friend.

outfit details: tee-shirt dress: beehive boutique in little rock, ar. | poncho: urban outiftters | shoes: anthropologie | purse: marc by marc jacobs (borrowed from mom) | necklace: vintage via grey dog boutique in fayetteville, ar. 

let's play honesty hour.

there have been times throughout my high school career that i just think this is not my place. i often times have a difficult time connecting with the typical 16 year old gal, and have never had a large group of friends that are together every weekend. i am constantly awaiting and yearning for the day that i find "my people". those who just get me, and i likewise with them. not that i am discontent with my life as of late, but do not have the normal high school friend group that i you see in movies. however, i do have a few friends that i truly do confide in-- i think about sophie, my bestie who lives 15 hours away from me, i think about sara, my friend who is in college that i get to see every holiday. i think about taylor swift... who, uh... (oh wait, you can't be best friends with someone you have never met? oh.). and i think about my dear friend, abigail

there are not many people in this life that compare to abigail. she's kind, she's intelligent, she's beautiful, she's encouraging, she's a giver, she's authentic, she's confident... and the list goes on. this past weekend i had some time to spend with this girl. people who are perfectly content with sitting on your bed and just talking about how messy life can be at times are those who simply get it. then we went out for tacos & stuffed our faces (and took too many selfies along the way, too). i am beyond thankful for such a loving, consistent friendship like this one. abigail, you are someone who, no matter how inconvenient making time together is, is such a blessing to have be apart of my life. 

heck, you're a forever friend

yours truly,

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