the art of the weekend.

weekends are one thing i am particularly pretty darn good at. just ask my alarm clock. 

last weekend, cate succeeded yet again. friday night, my friend, "AB", and i went totally & completely seventeen-year-old-white-girl on ourselves and saw "the longest ride" on it's opening night. at the end of the movie, we were both in tears. AB asks, "are you crying because they are finally together?", to which i say "no, i'm crying because of all the art." then i ask her the same question, and she answers, "no, i'm crying because of the hot guy." nonetheless, it was an A+ movie in our teenage hearts. 

 plus, we went to anthropologie. i got a glance at their new spring stuff and oh my heart. pretty things everywhere, i tell you. forever my favorite place. forever.

saturday was spent with family & good food. my little brother works at a special needs camp on some weekends, and he normally has a break during the weekend for a meal. so graham, my mom and i hard-core brunched. and by "hard-core" i mean i had croissant french toast. did you hear that? i said CROISSANT FRENCH TOAST.  later that day, my mom and i ate at a new pizza place downtown and stopped by my favorite coffee shop for a treat. 'twas a good time. 

real, non-instagram-worthy activities: i did have to spend a few hours of the afternoon doing standardized test prep. i swear it will be the death of me. seriously, if i am ever MIA just check underneath the stack of ACT packets on my bed and maybe you will find me. 

yours truly,

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  1. I want to figure out what anthropologie is all about. Sounds interesting! By the way, cutest shoes ever!


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