ten things.

every so often, i try to take a break from my lengthy posts & intentionally share about myself on this site (i.e., this post about a year ago). so, here is an updated ten facts about yours truly.

one. i am just about 18 years old (next week, my friends!) & live in the beautiful state of arkansas. 

two. i plan on majoring in journalism in college. but, who knows, life is crazy & anything can happen. 

three. as right-brained as my creative pursuits are, i am left-brained at heart: list-maker, time-oriented, and rule-follower. 

four. top three favorite cities-- chicago, washington d.c., & barcelona.

five. though we are all more than our myers-briggs personality types, i am an infj (introvert, intuitive, feelings, judgment). i encourage you to type yourself & those close to you if possible; learning about yourself and others is so healthy and needed for relationships. 

six. i say i am a "cat-person", yet am hardcore allergic to all animals. (okay, maybe i am more of a i-will-buy-anything-with-a-cat-on-it "cat person".)

seven. one-on-one coffee shop dates are my JAM. seriously, give me a cup of tea and a quality friend across the table and i feel invincible. 

eight. i wear b&w on a regular basis varying here and there with pops of grey & cognac. and they say i ain't wild. 

nine. current favorite songs on my september playlist:

"here"  // alessia cara
"all the pretty girls" // kaleo
"101" // walla
"a million years" // johnnyswim
"the men that drive me places" // ben rector

ten. i am a lover of the little things: fresh flowers, washi tape, old photographs, hand-written letters, and expensive cheese (plus much, much more)

now, i want to hear from you! what makes your heart flutter? what are your quirks? share, friends. it's what makes the internet, well, the internet. 

yours truly,


  1. Happy almost-birthday!!! :D :D :D Ooh, journalism- that's awesome! I'm considering majoring in that as well. And coffee dates are seriously the best.
    Let's see..well. I'm an ISFP. I'm a fellow cat-lover, although I'm not allergic to them. (Praise the Lord!!!) And give me anything with cream cheese in it, and I'm a very happy person. ;)

  2. Happy early birthday!! :)
    I am an ENFP...I made some of my siblings and close friends take the MBTI test a while back. haha It's definitely a good way to learn more about them, even though I agree there is more to them than that. :) I love animals too, and I'm so thankful I'm not allergic to my pets. ^_^
    Lovely post!

    xo Sarah


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