crying over planners (and other facts about me).

lately, i have realized that some of you may know me well. maybe a little too well if you can point out when i have lied about doing some sort of exercise or about how many cookies i ate. however, some of you do not know me that well. so, let me introduce you to the girl behind the stories you read and the photographs you see. i hope you find her more interesting than the stupid instagram posts she spends way too much time on or the way she awkwardly laughs when someone trips. 

and, if not, then picture me singing "forget you, and forget you too". (oh no. cee-lo green lyrics pop into my head without any thought. i'm done for, people.)

without further ado, here are ten facts about me (cate):

  1. when i get really excited about something (you know, important things like planners & washi tape), i start crying. literal tears, guys.
off topic: when the container store first opened up in my city, my mom did not allow me to go for 4 months because she knew i would have a freak-out sess in the middle of the store over how organized it was. well, she was right.

2. okay, this may come as a surprise to some of you, but... i hate coffee. i know, i know. i love coffee shops. i love the smell of coffee. i love posting photos of coffee. but, i hate coffee. (tea freaks, where you at?) 

3. i absolutely love having flowers. daisies, especially. (pro tip: if you want to make my day, all you have to do is bring me a single white daisy in a glass tied with twine... and a burger, but that's beside the point. no, i'm not high-maintenance, at all.) however, anything plant-related i own, i kill. not joking: i have killed 2 cactus' in the past 6 months. how that is even possible considering they don't even need watering, I DON'T KNOW.

4. i get lost quite frequently. i could be 3 minutes from my home, and think i am across town. thank god for iphone maps & kind friends to remind me which way to turn. (i blame my directionally-challenged-ness on my mom. she's just as bad, if not worse.)

5. i value expressing myself through clothing. i believe it says a lot about who you are and what you think of yourself. however, i go to an all-girls catholic school and wear a uniform everyday. i'm talking, plaid skirt and all (for my school friends, i know, i know- it's houndstooth). this little fact just makes me laugh at how ironic life can be sometimes. oh, life, you got me again! ;)

6. my family calls me eor because of this, but i love the rain. i am always my happiest on days when the sky is gray and pelting me with rain drops as i walk to my car (however, my hair is not equally as thankful). 

pro tip to future husband: ask me important questions in the rain and i will most likely say yes. (i.e. "honey, does steak sound good for dinner?" or maybe even "will you marry me?". you know, the little questions. )

7. if you see me in a large group (um... think a speech class), you may think i am seriously mute. however, give me one friend & one of my awkward, "classic cate" stories, i could talk for hours. this sounds like a tumblr post, but it is true. i ain't just sayin' it for dat re-blog. 

8. i don't really find the fascination in being obsessed with celebrities. they are just regular people with their own joys and problems, just simply over-exposed. but, don't get me wrong, if zooey deschanel walked into the room, i would not hesitate to give her a hug and ask to touch her iconic bangs. wait... would that freak her out? asking for a friend. 

9. i am curious. although, for a lack of better terms, what i really mean is i am nosey. ya know, i truly wish i wasn't, but sometimes i just can't help but listen to crazy sally sitting next to me as i get a haircut talk about how her grandmother got arrested that morning.

that really is a true story. ask me about it, pal.

10.  i am a Christ-follower. if you have read my blog over the years, the reasons for my outlook on life is all because of the love Jesus has shown me. the reason for my smiles, my (hopefully) encouraging words, and adoration for people & their stories all points back to Him. i could expand on this much more, but if you want to know more, please feel free to send me an email or (if you know me personally) i would love to grab coffee with you!

other things i love: autumn, the first day of a month, lists, clean sheets, sour gummy worms, morning voices, airports, long conversations, and cats (because, are you a real blogger if you don't love cats? no, the answer is no.).

give me a shout (wait, no. don't shout at me. i may cry. try a gentle "you rock, cate" text or a fit bump-explosion-thingy.) if you relate with me on any of these. or even if you don't, it's reassuring to know they're aren't any other cate's in the world. if there were, there would be an abundance of eccentric, squinty smiles and green tea spilled on laps. 

yours truly,

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