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when i first started this blog i thought it would consist of mainly fashion & style (check!) and home decor. so better late than never... i am finally doing something home related. here you go, my home decor style (or what i hope it to be some day) in 3 photos.

my pet peeve in a house it that when i walk in it feels like it is out of a magazine and nothing... i mean nothing has been touched or used. that, my friend, is a house. i want a home. i love the picture above for so many reasons: the crisp white bed, the clear box displaying magazines, the subtle yet unique wallpaper, and the whole atmosphere of the room that makes you want to walk in, light a candle and read a book or chat with a friend.

the kitchen is always the best part of the home for me, whether small or large, new or old, everyone always ends up in the kitchen. when i have a home of my own, i want my kitchen to be inviting and reflect my style. i love the colors in this room above (not too girly or manly), the way they display their utensils and supplies, and with just a few little changes from the original kitchen (the teal nobs, red and white tile, pretty towels) i can clearly see who lives here.

my family calls it a den. my friends call it a living room. my grandmother calls it a sitting room. whatever you call it, this is a place one can rest, play, and enjoy in. i love the simplicity of the room in the picture above, the mixing of colors and patterns, and the open and fresh feeling it gives off.

contrary to this post title, i would call this post "the you home". i believe that it is not the house you buy, how much it was, or what neighborhood it is in that makes it your home. it is simply the way you portray it... so how do you do that? well, decorate of course! find something you love and style your home around that. i hope you have enjoyed my home decor style, and have a lovely day!

xo. cate

photos from: lilacandgrey.com /poppytalk.blogspot.uk.com

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