my inspiration board

what inspires you? a good recipe, beautiful scenery, or a thought provoking book? well, story time. few months ago i popped into a local shop which was decorated with newspaper flowers, and i got that feeling. you know, the feeling when you think, hey i could do that. so even if it is the smallest of things (like newspaper) you can be inspired, and once you are you begin to build on that original inspiration until it becomes something wonderful and others are inspired by YOU.

after lots of brain storming, i created my inspiration board with those newspaper flowers and other things i adore. enjoy...

a bit messy, but hey what isn't?

 made from old book pages, i created these little flower/fan type things. i also covered the entire door with the pages as the back round.

yes, even chocolate and cupcakes inspire me.


i have begun to save all of my fortune cookie fortunes and put them on my board.

one of my favorite quotes(:

hope you enjoyed taking a peek into what inspires me and find something that inspires you.

xo. cate

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