why not?

someone asked me the other day, "why are you wearing that?". my answer to that \and to most questions lately has been "why not?". why not wear a bright dress/skirt when you do nothing all day? why not buy those crazy shoes? or why not have a piece of cake... or 3? on sunday, i had a pretty normal day: woke up late, did who knows what for a few hours, and had dinner with my family that night. however, i decided i could either wear a t-shirt and nike shorts with my hair in a bun all day or wear my new maxi skirt and look somewhat cute, even if i am overdressed. the choice is quite clear...


i have been wanting a maxi skirt or dress for way too long, and thankfully old navy recently had exactly what i have been looking for. its extremely bright and fun and perfect for cool summer days. i wore it with a gray tank top from aerie layered over a coral one. to highlight my waist, i added my extremely long belt from target that i doubled. my everyday shoes, sunglasses and jewelry finished off the look and kept it casual.

came across a quote that said, "stressed, depressed but well dressed." well said, well said. wear something that makes you happy even if others smirk at you or do not like it. it is your opinion that matters... unless you are wearing crocs... then your opinion does not matter at all. you are simply saying to the world, i give up. don't give up. don't wear crocs.

xo. cate 

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