first impression

new york, oh new york. you have been on my bucket list since i was born it seems, and this past week you were checked off. it was the best feeling i've had in a long time.
i arrived in new york city, new york last sunday, july 15, after a long day of travel. it really was everything i had imagined... big, beautiful, amazing, and so much more. it didn't really hit me that i was actually there until i stepped out of the of the plane and saw the city in it's lights, color, and movement.

my friend, parker, and i got these wish necklaces back in march at a local store and decided it would be the perfect thing to both wear as we enter the city of our dreams. you are supposed to make a wish when you tie it on and when it falls off it supposedly comes true. ours both fell off on that tuesday!

wow. that is all i could say with a big grin on my face when i saw the city for the first time on the plane. wow.

one of our first stops was central park. we had a few hours before we could check into our room in the hostel, so we just walked down the street, grabbed a bite to eat and got to see a little bit of the beautiful park. i felt as if i was in a movie... it was just so amazing.

as i just mentioned we stayed in a hostel. originally, i thought it was going to be extremely plain, and just like a old hotel or something... oh no. it was the coolest place i have ever stayed! the hostel was very creatively decorated, and i loved that there were people from all around the world staying there too. when i would go to the restroom, i would hear someone speak french to my left and Chinese to my right. it was very eye opening and cool!

one of my favorite things i loved about new york city was the architecture. where i live, i normally see a neat building every once in a while, but here they were everywhere. i appreciate and love really old, detailed buildings.

my first impression of new york was like a really good cup of hot green tea... and that is saying a lot.

xo. cate

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