hands and feet

my trip to new york was not just any ordinary trip, it was a mission trip. my youth group at my church went with a organization called mission serve that we go with each year. we normally go somewhere in the south, but every few years we save up for a big trip, like new york. so everyday of last week did not consist of site seeing, shopping, or time square. monday through thursday we worked with kids in brooklyn. we would do backyard bible clubs, basketball camps, some home repair, and building. i mostly did the backyard bible club with younger kids and played basketball with inner city boys. it was a lot of fun and i loved impacting these kids lives even in the smallest of ways. they taught me so much about being grateful and accepting life. these kids had basically nothing, yet they were still always happy and eager to face to day, when i would get mad that we did not get to go shopping. this was a totally new and exciting experience for me- i did not know what was next. last week really impacted my life and the lives of those kids. God truly did amazing things by letting our youth group be the hands and feet of Jesus. here are some snap shots i took during the day as i worked with these little youngsters.

i did not decide to look cute while working with the kids because, well kids and a park all day= dirt and sweat. it just would not make sense. i loved working with all the sweet kids each day, and adored forming relationships with them.

xo. cate

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