current obsession: gold

recently, i have been buying all things gold- from jewelry to bags to room stuff- it is all gold. in the past, i have always preferred silver things over gold if there was a choice, but now for me, there is no choice. gold it is. i just feel like it is classier, prettier, and a bit edgier. here are a few items that i am loving that are... well you guessed it, gold.

love the arm stack trend this summer, and have been loving GOLD arm stacks even better.

isn't this a beaut? i think it is for sure. gold hard wear on bags is a must for my latest purse wish list (doesn't everyone have one?!).


gold accents, like this wallpaper, are so beautiful and fresh to me in a home. they can add that bit of pizazz in a home you are looking for.

oh no... my obsession has been added to another one of my obsessions, sweets. this could not be good... or could it?

hope you enjoyed another one of my current obsessions, and go peek at my first one on retro swim suits. have a lovely day!

xo. cate

picture 1-http://middlechildcomplex.tumblr.com/#12

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