diy dotted shorts

polka dots are a beautiful gift from heaven. so why not add them to lovely clothes? why not do it yourself? polka dots, meet shorts.

materials: white paint (or any color), old shorts, and a pencil with eraser.

i am using folkart's enamels acrylic paint in white. any acrylic paint will do though. begin by pouring it in a cup.

grab a pencil with a mostly unused eraser (for a perfect dot) and practice your dots on a piece of newspaper. you can do bigger dots or smaller ones, which i prefer.

start dotting your shorts! it is very easy and fun to do, just stick with a consistent pattern and it will turn out great. i wanted my dots to be really close together and some of them not all filled in, but you can do whatever you like. plus, it is diy so they do not have to be perfect!

once you dot the front of the shorts, wait a few hours for the paint to dry completely and begin the back. when the back is dry, go back and do some minor touch ups on the the sides, in the pockets, and anywhere else that the paint did not get to.

after a day or so to make sure the dots will stay, iron the shorts but with a rag over them so that the paint will not spear. then wash them with cold water and let air.

tada! you are done! besides a lot of time to dry, these diy shorts do not require a lot of labor or time on your part, and they are the perfect statement piece for your summer wardrobe.

xo. cate

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  1. great idea! :) pretty blog! I follow you! ♥
    xoxo Chris


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