take a journey somewhere someday

i love travel. when i get older, that is all i basically want to do. going to new york this summer was one of the first places that i have been that i got to "cross" off my bucket list. my mom told me that once you cross something off your list, you need to add something on. so here are a few places i would love to see someday in my future.

1. London.
this place has actually been on my list for quite a while now, but lately i have been wanting to go even more. probably because the Olympics are there and all, but it just seems like such a magical place to be. i remember in elementary school writing a story and the main character went to London and saw big ben... i got an A on that assignment. i guess it is meant to be.

2. northern lights
i feel like this is something that is on every body's bucket list. anyways, i want to see this also in my life time. it just seems so beautiful and to something so rare to encounter is amazing to me. i absolutely love color and to see it in the sky moving... wow. it really just amazes me. plus, it is in Alaska. so that would be a bonus too. maybe because The Proposal was filmed there or maybe not(;

3. Paris
when i thing Paris, i think beautiful views, fashionable people, good food, and love. but really. i know that last one sounds sappy and all, but i want to go to the 'city of love' someday when i am married. this is yet another place that seems so magical and unreal. as for right now though, i will just dream about myself being there eating a macaroon by the Eiffel tower and blogging. ah, the life.

4. San Francisco
this one of my more recent additions to my list. i feel like if you were from another country and you came to the US to visit, you would have to go to 3 places: Washington DC, New York, and California. i have been to all of those places except Cali. San Francisco seems like such a fun, relaxed city that would be a cool place to visit or live in.

5. Senegal's Lake Retba
this was added to my list this morning. i was looking through pinterest as i always do in the morning (and i mean always), and was searching 'places to see' and this popped up. all i could thing was: pink. water. pink. water. i really amazed me, so now i have to see it, swim in it, and take a thousand pictures of it. duh.

these are just my top 5 places/things to see before i die. what's yours?

xo. cate



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