leather and velvet

leather, velvet and fur

two of my favorite trends that i have been craving to have in my closet this year are leather and velvet. blast from the past, for sure. okay, so let us start with leather: in the outfit i put together above, it shows leather sleeves on this top. while leather is great and adds a lot of edge to any outfit, you really should only wear it in small amounts. for example, try a top with a leather collar or find some leather leggings (on my Christmas wish list this year!) to layer with. i also like how the leather booties tie together nicely with the top. as for velvet, i, of course, want some velvet leggings or pants (shown above) in my wardrobe. i think that velvet is an unexpected yet easy to style texture to wear with an outfit substituting corduroy or any other basic pant fabric. in this outfit, i added a tangerine fur peacoat (i also am loving fur for the winter!!) and emerald statement jewelry. so many trends in one outfit... just cannot keep up! enjoy your after Christmas resting and eating leftovers, friends. (:

xo. cate

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