the cate version

exams week for students is a time to be stressed and wear sweats. while the first thing is true of my week, the second is not. i have always had a hard time with sweats, because i hate looking like i just woke up and do not care. also, when i feel put together, i always feel more confident which results in better test grades. anyways, here is how i style my lazy day outfit version of sweats.

i am wearing a men's white v-neck tee and a boyfriend style black cardigan on top. as for bottoms, i am wearing navy cord shorts and my new best friend, leggings. it is an obsession, you guys, i just cannot stop wearing them. of course for shoes, i cannot go wrong with my tan lace ups.

this outfit is so comfortable yet still looks somewhat stylish. you can dress this combination up with tights and sheer top or dress it down by wearing just leggings and a big band tee. i like to wear neutrals when i am tired and short on time, because as i justified this outfit, i think that all neutrals go together. however, wear whatever you desire, darling.
xo. cate

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